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Sub Pop & Hardly Art Releases for Bandcamp Friday (June 5th, 2020)

Bandcamp friday june export wide 01

On Friday, June 5th, Sub Pop & Hardly Art artists past and present – Bully, Corridor, Downtown Boys, The Helio Sequence, Hot Snakes, Shannon Lay (with Steve Gunn), METZ, Mudhoney, Pissed Jeans, Protomartyr, Shabazz Palaces (with Stas THEE Boss), and Weyes Blood – will be offering a variety of special sales and deals through Bandcamp’s “No Revenue Share Day.” Additionally, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever’s excellent new album Sideways to New Italy, released today, will be available on the site for the first time. 

Sub Pop and Hardly Art will be passing through 100% of digital sales revenue on Bandcamp to all of our active artists today.

All funds raised Friday will go to
Pay-what-you-want for each of the band’s releases on June 5th only.
All funds raised Friday will go to

Downtown Boys
All funds raised Friday will be split between and

The Helio Sequence
Acoustic Live at the Triple Door        
Pay-what-you-want with a $10 minimum, $1/track for individual songs.
Hot Snakes
“They Put You Up to This”     
The track from their 2018 split single w Mudhoney, released as a limited-edition 7” for Sub Pop’s 30th anniversary, is being released digitally for the first time ever for one day only on Bandcamp on June 5.
Pay-what-you-want on June 5th.

“Acid” b/w “Slow Decay”
“Escalator Teeth/On and On”
“Eraser” b/w “Pure Auto”
“Can’t Understand”
“Dirty Shirt” b/w “Leave Me Out”
All of METZ’s currently available singles (listed above) will be pay-what-you-want on June 5th.

Live Mud        
First digital release of Mudhoney’s long out of print limited-edition vinyl-only release from 2007, only on Bandcamp. 11 tracks of Mudhoney live from Mexico City, recorded Dec. 10, 2005, by Brett Ellason at Patacio de los Deportes
Pay-what-you-want on June 5th.
Pissed Jeans
“Don’t Need Smoke to Make Myself Disappear” b/w “Love Clown”*
“Sam Kinison Woman” b/w “L Word”**
*2006 Sub Pop debut 7”, available for the first time on Bandcamp.
**Pissed Jeans’ 2010 7”, finally available on Bandcamp
Pay-what-you-want on June 5th.
All funds raised Friday to go to
Old Spool and Gurges 1        
This release includes “Born to Be Wine,” originally released as a single from Adult Swim, and “French Poet,” which initially appeared on the Sub Pop 1000 compilation.
$1/track, $2 total
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Sideways To New Italy
The band’s second album for Sub Pop will be available Friday, June 5th.
Shabazz Palaces ft. Stas THEE Boss
Previously unreleased single.
Pay-what-you-want on June 5th, $1/track after.
Shannon Lay & Steve Gunn
“Clay Pigeons”
In these transformational times we must find new ways to connect and create together. Steve Gunn and Shannon Lay are on opposite sides of the country but exchanged recordings and covered this song in honor of John Prine and Blaze Foley. All proceeds on June 5th will go to the Black Visions Collective in Minnesota in support of racial equity. [Steve Gunn appears courtesy of Matador Records.]
Pay-what-you-want on June 5th, $1/track after.
All proceeds will go to the Black Visions Collective in Minnesota in support of racial equity.
Weyes Blood
Titanic Rising
Rough Trade Session
Pay-what-you-want for June 5th only.

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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever release new single, “Cameo” - Their highly anticipated new album ‘Sideways to New Italy’ is out this Friday

Melbourne-based band Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever will release their highly-anticipated second album, Sideways to New Italy, this Friday,  June 5th via Sub Pop. Today, they release the album’s fourth single, “Cameo,” which follows “Falling Thunder,” “She’s There,” and “Cars in Space.” ‘Cameo’ begins with open guitar strums and Fran Keaney’s lone voice, before building to a swirling roar, showcasing a band at the peak of their powers both instrumentally and lyrically.

“This is a love song. It’s about reaching through time portals,” says Keaney. “The lyrics were pieced together over about a year like a little puzzle. I found the first pieces in Rushworth, and the last pieces in Darwin.”

Sideways to New Italy is available for preorder from Sub Pop. Preorders of the LP through and select independent retailers in North America, the U.K., and Europe, will receive the limited Loser edition (while supplies last).

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A Letter From Weyes Blood / “Wild Time” Video (NSFW)

May 27, 2020

Good day everyone,

Here is a video for my song “Wild Time” that was shot on 16mm pre-Pandemic, then edited together during isolation. Felt like the right time to let this video out into the world, seeing as we’re all getting saddled down by some pretty grim realities. This song is about yearning for wildness and Mother Nature in a time of chaos. It’s for sensitive people who worry about the fate of humanity and feel powerless to do anything about it.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking apocalyptic thoughts and realizing that won’t get you anywhere. What if the world has always been ending? What if the sprawl of our cities are just as wild as the forests? What if climate change and the destruction of our natural habitat is a reflection of the nature within us, however sublimely horrifying and hard to understand?  We’re animals, we play out a very precarious drama of life, and we grasp for what’s left of the protective womb - but maybe the notion that we’re somehow separated from her is an illusion. Maybe it is, truly, a wild time to be alive. Maybe getting in touch with that as a culture and society would avert the worst case scenarios of ecological crisis and existential dread.

If you’ve gotten this far, wow, thank you for actually taking the time to read this. In other news, as you may have assumed, I am canceling all of my headline shows for 2020, but I’m beginning to work on my next album that will come out in 2021- a different time, when hopefully we can see each other face to face once again.


Natalie (aka Weyes Blood)

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At home, with Sub Pop!

Spc 02 final revised

Like so many of you, we are spending A LOT of time at home these days. And, because (despite all the sarcasm…) we really do care about you guys a whole lot, we are here to help! 

And here we have Sub Pop Coloring Sheet #2, the second in a series of [who knows?]. Hat tip to our friends Flight of the Conchords, their legendary self-titled album, and Illustrator Tyler Stout. (Here for free download as a JPEG because who uses TIFF anyway?!)

BEHOLD below: Sub Pop Coloring Sheet #1, the first in a series of at least one! (Avail to you, FOR FREE, as either a JPEG or TIFF.)

Simply by downloading, printing and then applying your own, unique art-like skills to this handy, Sub Pop-based, at-home coloring-fun activity, you will avail yourself of an opportunity to…

  • While away the hours between waking to what really seems kind of like the same day over and over again, and the sweet release of sleep!

  • Distract yourself from the great, yawning chasm of doubt and dread opening ever wider at our very feet!

  • Sharpen up your skills, in preparation for an assuredly satisfying career in the world of fine art! 

  • Show off your individual flair and good taste!

  • Create something delightful to post on social media and then (OF COURSE) tag us! (@subpop #subpopcoloring) There is the distinct possibility we will be moved to feature the best/weirdest/funniest of these in our Instagram feed!

Fun, right? WE KNOW!

We have also very recently created new Sub Pop-branded “Work From Home” playlists sure to provide you with minutes upon minutes of pure listening ECSTASY through many of today’s popular music streaming services. Please access these playlists here!

(You can also listen to the playlist that the art for Sub Pop Coloring Sheet #1 normally accompanies, not at all coincidentally titled “Home Is Where All of These Bands Are,” at any of the several streaming options available to you here!)

Please note: we owe a debt of great gratitude to our Late 30’s Art Director Sasha Barr for creating the art for these playlists, the associated Coloring Sheet #1, and so much more.

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Bully’s covers of Nirvana’s “About a Girl” and Orville Peck’s “Turn to Hate” available now at all DSPs worldwide from Sub Pop

Bully 2020 promo 01 angelinacastillo 2248x1500 300

[Photo credit: Angelina Castillo]

Stream both tracks now here:

Earlier this month, Bully delivered two excellent covers of Nirvana’s “About a Girl” and Orville Peck’s “Turn To Hate” via a sold-out 7” single and cassette, and now, both are available at all DSPs worldwide from Sub Pop.
Bully’s Alicia Bognanno offered this on the covers, “Normally during this time I’d be running around trying to promote the upcoming record and rehearsing to get ready to tour again but given the circumstances, I’m trying to work with what I can do at home alone. I picked a couple Sub Pop songs to cover to release something in the meantime. I played everything on these songs (for better or worse haha) and tracked them in my living room. Gotta do what ya gotta to spice it up sometimes.”

Of the “About a Girl” cover, Rolling Stone raved, “Hearing the Nashville band cover Nirvana is almost too obvious — but, good God, is it glorious. Their spin on 1989’s “About a Girl” strikes a perfect balance of raw and melodic, without ever sounding like the output of a cover band…Still, it’s not just a skilled copy of a classic. She mixes in some experimental guitar squeals on the instrumental and a truly trippy solo that keeps the sound from going thoroughly Nineties. Plus, Bognanno differentiates herself from your average karaoke crooner with her stellar delivery.

As for her take on “Turn To Hate,” Stereogum had this to say, “A song that sounds incredible in Bully’s rocket-fueled garage rock style.” Paste concurs, “Bully’s rendition is possibly even better than the original with its incredibly anthemic chorus.”