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Watch Clipping’s “‘96 Neve Campbell (feat. Cam & China)” a lyric video and new single from ‘Visions of Bodies Being Burned’ out October 23rd

Clipping’s new single “’96 Neve Campbell” is a tribute to the self-aware “final girl” character of the post-slasher film cycle, featuring Inglewood’s Cam & China, who prove they do more than survive the masked killer—they preemptive-strike his ass. The accompanying lyric video was directed by Clipping’s Jonathan Snipes and the group’s longtime collaborator Cristina Bercovitz. “’96 Neve Campbell” is from Visions of Bodies Being Burned, the follow up to their acclaimed 2019 release There Existed an Addiction to Blood, and the second installment in its sociopolitical horrorcore series.
Clipping’s Daveed Diggs says of Cam & China’s contribution to “‘96 Neve Campbell”: “We’ve been fans of theirs for a long time, going back to the days when they were in the group Pink Dollaz. Cam and China continue to be some of the most consistent and under-appreciated lyricists on the West Coast. We’ve been trying to do a song with them for a while now, and this one felt like a perfect fit. They bodied it.”

Visions of Bodies Being Burned is available to preorder through Sub Pop Mega Mart. Preorders of the LP through and select independent retailers in North America will receive the limited, Loser edition on mixed red/orange/yellow colored vinyl (while supplies last). Meanwhile, LP preorders of Visions of Bodies Being Burned throughout the UK and Europe from select independent retailers will receive the limited Loser edition on gold vinyl (while supplies last).

Read more about Clipping and Visions of Bodies Being Burned right over here.

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Watch Loma’s hypnotic visuals for forthcoming album title track “Don’t Shy Away” and another new single “I Fix My Gaze”

Don’t Shy Away will be out worldwide October 23rd from Sub Pop.

Loma (Emily Cross, Dan Duszynski, and Jonathan Meiburg) has delivered two new official videos from Don’t Shy Away, their forthcoming longplayer. The aerial shot for melancholic new single “Don’t Shy Away” (the title track) was filmed, directed and edited by Duszynski, while the hypnotic, introspective album opener “I Fix My Gaze” was filmed, directed, and edited by Cross.

Duszynski says of the video for “Don’t Shy Away”: “I knew I wanted a single shot with a gradual reveal to complement the slower enveloping mood of the song. The time-stopping effect draws me in without distracting from the music. I also love Jonathan and the dogs’ cameos.”

Cross offers this on “I Fix My Gaze”: “I wanted to convey the feeling of being free even within a walled-in space. Recognizing that you’re trapped, in a way, but that there is still beauty and joy to be found.”

Meiburg says: “The video for ‘Don’t Shy Away’ was pure serendipity.  So many things happen in it—the dogs, the birds, the timing—that could never be replicated, even if we tried.  And I love Emily’s vision for ‘I Fix My Gaze.’  Emily was a visual artist before she was a musician, and it comes through in everything she does.”
The Malick-esque visuals were filmed in Texas (“Don’t Shy Away”) and Arizona (“I Fix My Gaze”).

Don’t Shy Away will be available on CD/LP/CS/DL October 23rd, 2020 worldwide through Sub Pop. Preorders of Don’t Shy Away are now available from Sub Pop. LP preorders through, and select independent retailers in North America will receive the album on translucent yellow vinyl. Meanwhile, LP preorders in the U.K. and Europe through select independent retailers will receive the album on dark green vinyl.

What “The People” are saying about Loma:
“Atmospheric melodies and Cross’ otherworldly vocals blend to absorbing effect…” [Don’t Shy Away, 8/10] - Uncut
“Loma are making some gorgeous, otherworldly music.” [“Half Silences”] - Stereogum
“Cherish their return, it’s a triumph” [“Ocotillo”] -  For The Rabbits
“Cross’ vocals are heaven-sent” [“Ocotillo”] -  Beats Per Minute

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Watch METZ’s stellar new video for “Blind Youth Industrial Park” directed by Dylan Pharazyn

Plus, the band will perform forthcoming album Atlas Vending, in its entirety, live-streamed from The Opera House in Toronto on October 15th.

The stunning new METZ video for “Blind Youth Industrial Park,” the latest track from Atlas Vending, the band’s soon-to-be-released new album, is out now. The beautifully dystopian video depicts a woman dragging an injured companion on a stretcher through an alien landscape as the pair are tracked by a squad of armed soldiers, and provides sharp contrast to the song, which is an ode to the naivety of youth and the freedom of being unburdened by the world around you. 

Shot in Queenstown, on the South Island of New Zealand, “Blind Youth Industrial Park” was directed by Dylan Pharazyn. Here’s Pharazyn on his inspiration for the video: “I started thinking of the feeling of war or samurai films, beautiful but dark and violent… but then I had this idea to work up a more unique world… I started to think of a more futuristic setting — more unusual and dream-like with the story set on a distant planet where there is future technology and some kind of alien magic… like a futuristic fable. I loved the idea of the hero Ayeth on this nomadic walk through an epic landscape… I loved the strength in her and the pairing of her with a wounded companion, something really human and vulnerable… I wanted that emotive warmth countering the cold military images.” 

- - - - -

Known for their unrivalled, high energy live shows and relentless touring, the band has felt a huge void with the loss of live music this year. In the hopes of capturing some of that inimitable spirit and connection, today METZ are also announcing that they will perform Atlas Vending, in its entirety, live from The Opera House in Toronto. These live streams will air in North & South America at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET on October 15th, and on Oct 17th at 8 pm BST / 9 pm CEST / 8 pm AEST for those in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

Frontman Alex Edkins shares that “Something that is intrinsic to who we are as people has been taken away. We want, so badly, to find that feeling again, to forget the world for a moment, and share a brand new album that we love very much (plus some oldies) with you. To all the people of the world who have come to our shows to dance, sweat, and scream, we hope you can join us once again with this show.” You can purchase tickets and ticket bundles with LPs and merch for these shows by clicking here.

Preorders of Atlas Vending are now available from Sub Pop. LP preorders through megamart.subpop.comMETZ’s merch store, and select independent retailers in North America will receive the limited Loser Edition on pearlescent grey and silver vinyl. Vinyl preorders in the UK and Europe from select independent retailers will receive the Loser Edition on light rose-colored vinyl. A new t-shirt design is available as well. And in Canada, Atlas Vending will be available from Royal Mountain Records.

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L7’s Smell the Magic: 30th Anniversary Edition is out tomorrow, September 18th. Now watch Donita Sparks with the Lucha VaVOOM dancers performing “Fast and Frightening”

Plus, Donita’s SiriusXM “Volume West” interview with Lyndsey Parker airs tomorrow 5pmPT.

“power-packed” - SPIN
“this is how your rock should be rolled.” [9/10] - Classic Rock
“After thirty years, this is an album that remains as relevant as ever, and now sounds just as well as it did when it influenced a generation” The Big Takeover
“has only become more potent with age.” - Irish News

On Friday, September 18th, Sub Pop will release L7’s Smell the Magic: 30th Anniversary Edition, the classic second album from these rock and roll grunge pioneers.
This 30th-anniversary edition includes all 9 songs from the seminal record, remastered and together on vinyl for the first time ever! A multitude of rock music scenes populated the expanse of Los Angeles in 1989: hardcore punk, industrial goth, roots rock, and Sunset Strip hair metal, to name a few. L7 fit into none of them, creating their own unique blend of punk and hard, hooky rock loaded with humor and cultural commentary. Originally released in 1990, Smell the Magic is a landmark of ’90s feminist rock.

Earlier this month, L7’s singer and guitarist Donita Sparks recorded brand new vocals for a feisty performance of “Fast and Frightening” as part of KCRW’s Summer Series, 2020. The video stars Donita Sparks and the Lucha VaVOOM dancers who are seen shimmying on the streets of Los Angeles during a pandemic and pandemonium ensues!

Additionally, Sparks sat for an interview with Lyndsey Parker for Sirius XM’s Volume West show, which airs tomorrow, Friday, September 18th at 5pmPT.

Smell the Magic: 30th Anniversary Edition is now available for purchase from Sub Pop. LP purchased through and select retailers in North America will receive the limited Loser edition on clear with high melt orange, blue, and gray vinyl while supplies last. Meanwhile pre-orders  through select retailers in the UK and Europe will receive the Loser edition on neon orange vinyl.

[L7 Photo Credit: Charles Peterson]

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#2020SeizeChange - A Campaign for Voter Engagement

Seize change truth love banner with sub pop logo

There should be little argument that this year has been challenging, painful, and just profoundly lousy in a whole lot of ways so far. One bright bit of good news is that the US general election on November 3 is an opportunity to seize greater control of our collective future beyond the calamitous slog of 2020. This year’s election is our chance to initiate much-needed change, but we need to act quickly and together to clean up the mess.

To seize change in 2020, there are 2 things we must do:

(1) Register to vote (or confirm your info is current and valid if already registered)

(2) Participate by actually fucking voting for all races at all levels is a handy resource to make and execute your 2020 voting plan, including: registering, confirming your registration, locating your polling place, finding out about vote-by-mail eligibility, and learning how to “own your vote” by knowing the important dates, deadlines, and requirements in your particular state.

So! Please do those 2 things! Really! DO THEM! And then also help us encourage others to do them, too! In an effort to make this easier and, we hope, more successful, we’ve created a shared folder that contains: (i) images to post on websites and social media (on the dates indicated below), and (ii) a google sheet that includes state-by-state voter registration and information links. Please share all of this far and wide, and again, encourage others to do so as well. 


To maximize the impact and visibility of this campaign, we suggest that all #2020SeizeChange public engagement, mentions, social media posts, etc. happen on the following days:

  • Wednesday, September 16
  • Wednesday, September 30
  • Wednesday, October 14
  • Wednesday, October 28
  • Monday, November 2 
  • Tuesday, November 3 (Election Day)

Your participation on those days can and should be your own.  In short, we invite you to be part of this campaign, start anytime, be creative, and help mobilize people to register and vote in whatever way feels right to you. 

Your Friends at Sub Pop Records and Hardly Art