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Quasi’s Breaking the Balls of History: The Duo’s Awesome (And Incredibly Titled) Sub Pop Debut, Will Be Available Worldwide February 10th, 2023

Quasi (aka Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss) will release Breaking the Balls of History, their awesome new Sub Pop debut and frontrunner for our favorite album title ever, worldwide on February 10th, 2023. The twelve-track effort was produced by the duo and John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill, Unwound, Treepeople, Team Dresch) at Rob Lang Studios in Seattle, engineered and mixed by Goodmanson, and mastered by Bill Skibbe at Third Man Mastering.
Quasi’s Breaking the Balls of History features the highlights “Doomscrollers,” “Nowheresville,”  “Gravity,” and “Queen of Ears,” the album’s first single and official video, directed by Patrick Stanton.
Quasi’s Breaking the Balls of History will be available on CD/LP/CS/DSPs and can be preordered now from Sub Pop. LP preorders from and select independent retailers in North Americathe UK, and Europe will receive the limited Loser edition on pink vinyl.
Quasi is also announcing a headlining U.S. tour to support Breaking the Balls of History which begins Friday, February 10th in Boise, ID at Neurolux and currently ends Tuesday, March 28th in Pittsburgh, PA at Club Cafe. Tickets for these shows go on sale Friday, October 28th. Preceding these dates, Quasi will headline a show in London, UK on December 7th, 2022 at The Victoria. Please find a complete list of dates below.
Wed. Dec. 07 - London, UK - The Victoria
Fri. Feb. 10 - Boise, ID - Neurolux
Sat. Feb. 11 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court
Mon. Feb. 13 - Albuquerque, NM - Sister
Wed. Feb. 15 - San Antonio, TX - Paper Tiger
Thu. Feb. 16 - Houston, TX - White Oak Music Hall
Fri. Feb. 17 - Austin, TX - The Parish
Sat. Feb. 18 - Dallas, TX - Club Dada
Mon. Feb. 20 - El Paso, TX - Lowbrow Palace
Wed. Feb. 22 - Phoenix, AZ - Rebel Lounge
Thu. Feb. 23 - Pioneertown, CA - Pappy and Harriet’s
Fri. Feb. 24 - Los Angeles, CA - Zebulon
Sat. Feb. 25 - Oakland, CA - Starline Social Club
Sun. Feb. 26 - Sacramento, CA - Starlet Room
Thu. Mar. 02 - Vancouver, BC - Fox Cabaret
Fri. Mar. 03 - Seattle, WA - Tractor Tavern
Sat. Mar. 04 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
Tue. Mar. 14 -Boston, MA - The Sinclair
Wed. Mar. 15 - Kingston, NY - Tubby’s
Thu. Mar. 16 - Ridgewood, NY - TV Eye
Fri. Mar. 17 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
Sun. Mar. 19 - Durham, NC - The Pinhook
Tue. Mar. 21 - Atlanta, GA - 529
Wed. Mar. 22 - Birmingham, AL - Saturn
Thu. Mar. 23 - Nashville, TN - Blue Room at Third Man Records
Fri. Mar. 24 - St. Louis, MO -  Off-Broadway
Sat. Mar. 25 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
Sun. Mar. 26 - Columbus, OH - Ace of Cups
Mon. Mar. 27 - Detroit, MI - Third Man Records
Tue. Mar. 28 - Pittsburgh, PA - Club Cafe
Breaking the Balls of History is Quasi’s tenth record, landing ten years after their last record, on February tenth. Three tens, which aligns with the thirty years they’ve played together. Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss have become Pacific Northwest icons, and Quasi has always felt so steadfast— their enduring friendship so generative, their energy infinite, each album more raucous and catchy and ferocious and funny than the last. But we were wrong to ever take Quasi for granted. For a while, they thought 2013’s intricate Mole City might be their last record. They’d go out on a great one and move on.

Then in August 2019 a car smashed into Janet’s and broke both legs and her collarbone. Then a deadly virus collided with all of us, and no one knew when or if live music as we knew it—the touring, the communal crowds, the sonic church of the dark club—would ever happen again. “There’s no investing in the future anymore,” Janet realized. “The future is now. Do it now if you want to do it. Don’t put it off. All those things you only realize when it’s almost too late. It could be gone in a second.”
Under lockdown, Portland’s streets fell still, airplanes vanished, wildlife emerged. And with the obliterated normal came an unexpected gift: uninterrupted time, hours every day, to make art. Quasi couldn’t go on the road, so they got an idea: they would act as if they were on tour and play together every single day. Each afternoon, Sam and Janet bunkered down in their tiny practice space and channeled the bewilderment and absurdity of this alien new world into songs. Janet’s strength returned and rose to athlete-level stamina. “When you’re younger and in a band, you make records because that’s what you do,” Sam said. “But this time, the whole thing felt purposeful in a way that was unique to the circumstances.” They knew they would keep it to just the two of them playing together in a room. They knew they’d record the songs live and together, to capture a moment.
The incredible result of those sessions is Breaking the Balls of History, recorded in five days and produced by John Goodmanson at the legendary Robert Lang Studios in Shoreline, WA. Here are two artists at their prime, each a human library of musical knowledge and experience, entirely distinctive in their songcraft and sound. In Quasi-form, the band becomes alchemically even greater than the sum of its parts: Janet’s galloping drums and Sam’s punk-symphonic Rocksichord and their intertwining vocals make something gigantic, anthemic. In the thick of a cataclysmic social and political moment, they’ve crafted exquisitely melodic songs that glitter with rage and wild humor and intelligence, driven by a big bruised pounding heart.
“A last long laugh at the edge of death” sings Sam at the album’s outset, and that gleeful defiance—which might as well be the logline of our present moment—sets the table for the songs to come. In “Gravity,” Quasi’s predilection for the absurd now tips into unnerving realism; in the post-facts era, the very thing that tethers us all to the earth is rendered meaningless (“you can walk on water if you so choose in your made-in-USA concrete shoes.”) Punchy warning verses about death and disarray swoon into the blissed-out, checked-out chorus of “Queen of Ears” (“But I, I float above it all, wizard of idleness, mistress of killing time.”) Janet’s voice floats sweet and eerie through the atmospheric suspended reality of “Inbetweenness.” Etch “Doomscrollers” onto the golden record and launch it into space as a precise time capsule of the incomprehensible present. “The Losers Win” is a tart arsenic nightcap to close out the record, and hell, the nation.
It sounds dark, and because it’s rising to the moment, it is. But this is also a record surging with energy and pleasure and joy. “It felt so life-affirming. I can hear in the music how happy I am to be there and to be playing at that level again,” Janet said. “I get to exist.”
I’ve been listening to this record for a few months now, and I can’t stop thinking about how as the world started to end, and then kept on ending in all kinds of surprising new ways, Sam and Janet returned to their practice space every day and made songs. Face to face, instrument to instrument, they decided to build something new. They did the work. They made their art. They’ve lived through enough to understand that nothing is permanent, and that when your faith in humanity sinks, you turn to the life force of what you can rely on: the people you trust, the community that claims you, and what you can create. You can’t control the time. But you can make a record of a time. And luckily for us, Quasi has again.

Breaking the Balls of History

1. Last Long Laugh
2. Back in Your Tree
3. Queen of Ears
4. Gravity
5. Shitty Is Pretty
6. Riots & Jokes
7. Breaking the Balls of History
8. Doomscrollers
9. Inbetweenness
10. Nowheresville
11. Rotten Wrock
12. The Losers Win

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The New Weird Nightmare/Ancient Shapes Split 7” Is Here!

Today, the unholy union of Weird Nightmare and Ancient Shapes brings you the double A-Side experience of the year! “I Think You Know” w/ “Bird With an Iron Head” delivers two sides of sing-along power-punk you need to hear to believe. 

This pairing is now available in physical form on a bright red 7”colored vinyl single. Featuring  Weird Nightmare’s “I Think You Know” on side A, and Ancient Shapes’ 3-part suite “Bird With an Iron Head” (+official video), ”Imaginary Agony” and “I’m Against the Wind” on side AA. All four songs are also available digitally on all DSPs from Sub Pop. 

Weird Nightmare and Ancient Shapes have a handful of upcoming Canadian release shows for the new single, as covered below. And Weird Nightmare will also be the main support for select Archers of Loaf east coast shows beginning Tuesday, November 29th in Baltimore at Ottobar and ending Friday, December 2nd in Brooklyn at Warsaw. Please find a complete list of Weird Nightmare shows below.

Weird Nightmare/Ancient Shapes

Thu. Nov. 17 - Hamilton, ON  - Casbah

Fri. Nov. 18 - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace

Sat. Nov. 19 - St. Catherines, ON - Warhorse

Weird Nightmare supporting Archers of Loaf

Tue. Nov. 29 - Baltimore, MD - Ottobar

Wed. Nov. 30 - Philadelphia, PA  Underground Arts

Thu. Dec. 01 - Cambridge, MA - The Sinclair

Fri. Dec. 02 - Brooklyn, NY - Warsaw

Weird Nightmare’s self-titled full-length debut is available now on CD/LP/CS/DSPs from Sub Pop. The LP’s limited Loser Edition on transparent cotton candy swirl vinyl, packaged in a special embossed jacket with semi-transparent obi-strip along the spine, can be purchased from megamart.sub, select independent retailers in North America, and at Weird Nightmare live shows. In the UK, and in EU, the Loser Edition is available on coke bottle clear vinyl (both while supplies last).

Ancient Shapes was spawned in 2015 as a recording side project of Daniel Romano. Here’s Weird Nightmare’s Alex Edkins on Daniel Romano, “I think Daniel is a real treasure and a severely underappreciated genius. He released 11 albums last year! I’m quite tickled to be sharing a release with him.”

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Frankie Cosmos Releases Inner World Peace

Today, October 21st, 2022, Frankie Cosmos releases their new record, Inner World Peace via Sub Pop. Inner World Peace, is available on CD/LP/CS/DSPs worldwide from Sub Pop. The album features the standout tracks  “F.O.O.F.”, “Aftershook,” “One Year Stand,” and “Empty Head.” It was co-produced by Frankie Cosmos, Nate Mendelsohn, and Katie Von Schleicher at Figure 8 Recording in Brooklyn, New York, mixed by Mendelsohn and Von Schleicher, and mastered by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering. The Inner World Peace album art also features illustrations from band member Lauren Martin.

About Inner World Peace by Katie Von Schleicher:
Several things happened before a warm day when I met the four members of Frankie Cosmos in a Brooklyn studio to begin making their album. Greta Kline spent a few years living with her family and writing a mere 100 songs, turning her empathy anywhere from the navel to the moon, rendering it all warm, close and reflexively humorous. In music, everyone loves a teen sensation, but Kline has never been more fascinating than now, a decade into being one of the most prolific songwriters of her generation. She’s lodged in my mind amongst authors, other observational alchemists like Rachel Cusk or Sheila Heti, but she’s funnier, which is a charm endemic to musicians.
Meanwhile Frankie Cosmos, a rare, dwindling democratic entity called a band, had been on pandemic hiatus with no idea if they’d continue. In the openness of that uncertainty they met up, planning to hang out and play music together for the first time in nearly 500 days. There, whittling down the multitude of music to work with, they created Inner World Peace, a collection of Greta’s songs changed and sculpted by their time together. While Kline’s musical taste at the time was leaning toward aughts indie rock she’d loved as a teenager, keyboardist Lauren Martin and drummer Luke Pyenson cite “droning, meditation, repetition, clarity and intentionality,” as well as “‘70s folk and pop” as a reference for how they approached their parts. Bassist/guitarist Alex Bailey says that at the time he referred to it as their “ambient” or “psych” album. Somewhere between those textural elements and Kline’s penchant for concise pop, Inner World Peace finds its balance.
Instant centerpiece “One Year Stand” is a small snowglobe of intimacy recalling the softest moments of Yo La Tengo’s And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out. Lifted by Martin’s drones on Hammond organ and synthesizer, it could be played on repeat in a loop. I like to think it’s obvious how Greta’s vocals were recorded: late at night as we all sat by in low light, transfixed as she sings “I’m not worried about the / rest of my life / because you are here today / I go back in time / I’m a cast iron.” The voices of Kline and Martin, who have sung together since middle school, blend seamlessly.
The first order of business upon setting up camp in Brooklyn’s Figure 8 studios was to project giant colorful slides the band had made for each track. Co-producing with Nate Mendelsohn, my Shitty Hits Recording partner, we aimed for FC’s aesthetic idiosyncrasies to shine.The mood board for “Magnetic Personality” has a neon green and black checkerboard, a screen capture of the game Street Fighter with “K.O.” in fat red letters, and a cover of Mad Magazine that says “Spy Vs. Spy! The Top Secret Files.” On tracks like “F.O.O.F.” (Freak Out On Friday), “Fragments” and “Aftershook,” the group are at their most psychedelic and playful, interjecting fuzz solos, bits of percussion, and other sonically adventurous ear candy. An internal logic strengthens everything, and in their proggiest moments, Frankie Cosmos are simply a one-take band who don’t miss. When on Inner World Peace they sound wildly, freshly different, it may just be that they’re coming deeper into their own.
Throughout the album there are plays on the notion of feeling seen or invisible, as in “Magnetic Personality” when Kline sings “ask me how I am and I won’t really say,” or in “One Year Stand” when she says “maybe I’m asking myself.” Kline emphasizes that this was her first group of songs in years that weren’t written while on tour, but rather with ample time on her hands. She reflects on past selves in “Abigail” (“that version of myself I don’t want back”) and “Wayne” (“Like in first grade / How I went by Wayne / I always had / another name”). If we’re alone, what becomes of the things we see? As in “Fruit Stand,” Kline asks “If it’s raining and I can’t feel it, is it raining?”
Inner World Peace excels in passing on the emotions it holds. When in the towering “Empty Head” Kline sings of wanting to let thoughts slide away, her voice is buoyed on a bed of synths and harmonium as tranquility abounds. When her thoughts become hurried and full of desire, so does the band, and she leaps from word to word as if unable to contain them all. As a group, they carry it all deftly, and with constant regard for Kline’s point of view.
Says Greta, “To me, the album is about perception. It’s about the question of “who am I?” and whether or not the answer matters. It’s about quantum time, the possibilities of invisible worlds. The album is about finding myself floating in a new context. A teenager again, living with my parents. An adult, choosing to live with my family in an act of love. Time propelled us forward, aged us, and also froze. If you don’t leave the house, who are you to the world? Can you take the person you discover there out with you?”

Frankie Cosmos
Inner World Peace

1. Abigail
2. Aftershook
3. Fruit Stand
4. Magnetic Personality
5. Wayne
6. Sky Magnet
7. A Work Call
8. Empty Head
9. Fragments
10. Prolonging Babyhood
11. One Year Stand
12. F.O.O.F.
13. Street View
14. Spare the Guitar
15. Heed the Call

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Watch The Official Video For Frankie Cosmos’ “Empty Head”

This Friday, October 21st, 2022, Frankie Cosmos will release their new record, Inner World Peace via Sub Pop. In celebration of the album’s release, the group has shared their latest video for “Empty Head,” a new offering from the album.  
This song “is about wishing for inner peace, and conversely: spiraling” shares frontperson Greta Kline. “It’s about self-control and the fear of unlocking myself and overflowing. It’s also about finding joy in small moments - walking in circles, hoping to see the neighbor’s dog. I’m so happy we got to work with Sophia Bennett Holmes again for this music video (I last worked with her in 2014 on the “Art School” video). I love the concept Sophia came up with - it tells its own story that fits in with the story of the song, but also takes it somewhere else. To me, the video is about blossoming because of a chill perspective (once I stop trying to jump into flight, I lift off the ground with ease); and then letting go of the need to be perceived, and instead disappearing and floating into the sunset. It perfectly captures the way meditation works - that once you stop focusing and trying too hard, it comes naturally.”

Inner World Peace, will be available on CD/LP/CS/DSPs worldwide from Sub Pop. The album features the standout tracks  “F.O.O.F.”, “Aftershook,” “One Year Stand,” and “Empty Head.” It was co-produced by Frankie Cosmos, Nate Mendelsohn, and Katie Von Schleicher at Figure 8 Recording in Brooklyn, New York, mixed by Mendelsohn and Von Schleicher, and mastered by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering. The Inner World Peace album art also features illustrations from band member Lauren Martin.
What people are saying about Frankie Cosmos Inner World Peace:
“Minimal and impressionistic — a collection of small features that coalesce into a vivid landscape.” [“One Year Stand”] - PAPER
“Instrumentally understated, with cheeky and sweet lyrics sung in Greta’s classic whispery tone. The band stays true to their bedroom indie sound through the song and music video”  [“One Year Stand”] - Brooklyn Vegan
“Patient and lush.” [“One Year Stand”] - Uproxx
“Dreamy”  [“One Year Stand”] - Consequence of Sound

“The band’s instrumentation feels more substantial, bringing in a loose, psychedelic groove that feels like new ground. Buoyed by a winsome melody and spirited rhythm section, Frankie Cosmos’ latest single “F.O.O.F.” (“Freak Out on Friday”), continues this collaborative streak.  Kline is abuzz with anticipation on the power-pop gem…” - Pitchfork
“Robert Smith was in love on Friday, Rebecca Black had to get down on Friday and now Greta Kline — leader of the indie-pop project Frankie Cosmos — freaks out on Friday. That’s what the playful acronym “F.O.O.F.” stands for and, accordingly, the latest single from Frankie Cosmos’s forthcoming album “Inner World Peace” is alive with Kline’s signature wry, muted humor. “It’s still Wednesday, I have to wait two more sleeps ’til I can freak,” Kline sighs, while a mildly noodly guitar solo saves up its most raucous energy. That the brief song ends before that promised freakout is the point: Kline is more interested in capturing that hopeful, anticipatory feeling — usually a comforting fiction — that everything will be all right once the weekend comes.” [“F.O.O.F.”] - New York Times

“Their latest preview of the record, “F.O.O.F.” (short for “Freak Out on Friday”) is a concise song about the way certain feelings are anything but. Over a breezy pop-rock instrumental accented by gently psychedelic guitars and keys, Kline marvels at the elasticity of time…the band’s own history folding in on itself. The song captures, on multiple levels, how the pandemic era has rewritten the rules of societal tension and release, complicating emotional regulation to the point that we each have to get reacquainted with who we really are.” [“F.O.O.F.”]  - PASTE

Frankie Cosmos
Inner World Peace

1. Abigail
2. Aftershook
3. Fruit Stand
4. Magnetic Personality
5. Wayne
6. Sky Magnet
7. A Work Call
8. Empty Head
9. Fragments
10. Prolonging Babyhood
11. One Year Stand
12. F.O.O.F.
13. Street View
14. Spare the Guitar
15. Heed the Call

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Suki Waterhouse announces North American Headline Tour

Multitalented British vocalist and songwriter Suki Waterhouse confirms the Coolest Place in the World Tour today, a run of North American headline dates with stops in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and more—see full routing below. General onsale begins at 10am local time on October 21.

Additionally, Waterhouse will share a new EP, Milk Teeth, on November 4 via Sub Pop Records—pre-order/pre-save it here. The EP features five songs from Waterhouse’s early career plus one previously unreleased track “Neon Signs” and will be available on vinyl.

She also recently shared two new versions of her viral song, “Good Looking”—listen to the strippped version here and the remix by Canadian producer BLOND:ISH here. The original version of the track, which went viral on TikTok and peaked at #1 on Spotify’s Viral USA Chart, continues to accumulate more than 700 thousand streams daily across Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

The new dates follow confirmation of nearly sold out headline dates in the U.K. and Europe—get tickets hereand a recently wrapped North American tour with Father John Misty, which included stops at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater, Los Angeles’ Hollywood Forever Cemetery, New York’s Radio City Music Hall and more

Furthermore, Waterhouse recently shared the video for her new song “Nostalgia,” directed by Émilie Richard-Froozan and filmed in Ireland—watch here. “Nostalgia,” which NYLON says “washes over you like a sepia-toned cloud and reverie,” is Suki’s first new music since her debut album, I Can’t Let Go, was released to critical acclaim in May via Sub Pop Records—get it here. The album was executive produced by Grammy-nominated Brad Cook (The War On Drugs, Bon Iver) and features previously released singles “Moves,” “My Mind” and “Melrose Meltdown.”

Growing up in London, multi-talented actress, model and musician Suki Waterhouse gravitated toward music at an early age, finding inspiration in the likes of Alanis Morisette, Missy Elliott, Oasis and more. She initially teased her pivot to music with a series of singles, generating nearly 20 million total streams independently, with critical acclaim from NYLON, DUJOUR, Lemonade Magazine and more.

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