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NEWS : TUE, NOV 10, 2020 at 6:58 AM

Kiwi Jr. shares official video for “Cooler Returns,” the new single and title track from their forthcoming new album out January 22nd, 2021

Toronto’s Kiwi Jr. will release Cooler Returns the group’s new album and the follow up to their acclaimed debut Football Money, on CD/LP/CD/DSPs January 22nd, 2021 worldwide through Sub Pop, with the exception of Canada through the band’s Kiwi Club imprint.

Today the band is sharing the official video for “Cooler Returns,” the album’s title track and new single, which was directed by Sean Egerton Foreman (who directed Kiwi Jr’s “Gimme More” in January 2020). Singer Jeremy Gaudet comments on the video: “No one is able to play live shows, so using the latest technology we have replicated the most accurate version possible of what Kiwi Jr. shows once looked like.

Buildings burning in every direction; macabre unknowns in your friendly neighbor’s basement; undecided voters sharpening their pencils: under pressure we could call Kiwi Jr.’s Cooler Returns “timely.” But what year is it, again? On their sophomoric smash-up released world-wide by Sub Pop RecordsKiwi Jr. cycle through the recent zigs & looming zags of the new decade, squinting anew at New Year’s parties forgotten and under-investigated small town diner fires, piecing together low-stakes conspiracy theories on what’s coming down the pike in 2021. Put together like a thousand-piece puzzle, assembled in flow state through the first dull stretch of quarantine, sanitized singer shuffling to sanitized studio by streetcar, masked like it’s the kind of work where getting recognized means getting killed, Cooler Returns materializes as a sprawling survey from the first few bites of the terrible twenties, an investigative exposé of recent history buried under the headlines & ancient kings buried under parking lots.

[Photo credit: Warren Calbeck]

Not so long since their debut Football Money in archaeological time, unending gray eons later in the dog years of quaran-time, spiritually antipodean Canadians Kiwi Jr. return to disseminate this year’s annual report to the shareholders, burying the incriminating numbers in the endless appendices of a longform narrative record, a 3,000 word tract for stakeholders to pore over.

Cooler Returns - memories of Augusts past, unrepressed & transcribed fast - go down easier thanks to meaningful changes enacted in 2019’s KiwiCares Pledge: delivering on a promise to transition from Crunchy to Smooth by 2021, the caveman chug of Football Money has been steamed & pressed with the purifying air of a saloon piano - operated with bow-tie untied - and a spring green side-salad of tentatively up-tempo organ taps & freshly fluted harmonica.

A chronically detuned spin of the dial through swivel-chair distractions & WFH daydreams, an immersive ctrl-tab deluge cycling through popular listicle distractions like the unentombing of Richard III, or the deja vu destruction of the Glasgow School of Art, Kiwi Jr. sing this song to an indoor audience, crisscrossing canceled, every other prestige distraction source wrung dry, only songwriting remaining to deliver engrossing tales to the populace, just how I imagine it worked in the old days. Fixing loose ingredients into a sturdy whip, Kiwi Jr. beam in live from the 9-5, striding into 2021 with a mastered brainwave that comes equally from the back room of the record store as the penalty box. And how do we, left holding this box of deliberate entanglements, sign off to those as yet uninitiated, undecided, uncertain, unseen, absent return coordinates -  Best Wishes, Warm Regards, Good Luck? Cooler Returns, Cooler Returns, C o o l e r  R e t u r n s !

[North American Loser Edition]

Cooler Returns is now available for preorder through Sub Pop. LP preorders from and select independent retailers in the US will receive the limited Loser edition on translucent gold colored vinyl (while supplies last). Preorders through select independent retailers in the UK and Europe will receive the Loser on white colored vinyl (while supplies last).
There is an additional limited edition version of Cooler Returns from participating Dinked retailers in the UK that will be available on yellow colored vinyl with a signed print and a sequentially numbered obi strip (while supplies last).

Kiwi Jr.
Cooler Returns

1. Tyler
2. Undecided Voters
3. Maid Marian’s Toast
4. Highlights of 100
5. Only Here for a Haircut
6. Cooler Returns
7. Guilty Party
8. Omaha
9. Domino
10. Nashville Wedding
11. Dodger
12. Norma Jean’s Jacket
13. Waiting in Line

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NEWS : WED, NOV 11, 2020 at 8:58 AM

CHAI Shares “Plastic Love” Official Video


Today, Japanese quartet CHAI are excited to share the official video for “Plastic Love,” their cover of Mariya Takeuchi’s 1984 city pop standard, which recently saw a resurgence of its own in 2018. 

“Plastic Love” stars the group as “tour guides” of their beloved Tokyo, taking you through the city’s many districts in this exuberant visual. CHAI says: “THIS IS TOKYO! Everyone has their own perception of Tokyo, but many, at times, would say it can be sort of gloomy, sort of dark. With our version of ‘Plastic Love,’ we wanted to show you what Tokyo looks like from our point of view.

From Asakusa, to crepes in Harajuku, to the skyrise buildings and Tokyo Tower, to long night-time drives in Shibuya…we welcome you to our version of Tokyo! You also notice how we’re all wearing white?  That’s because we are going to disrupt the gloomy Tokyo!  We are the brightness amongst the darkness and we’ve come to illuminate! Just like Mariya Takeuchi did with this song in the 80’s, we’ve come to do this again with our version today!”

CHAI’s interpretation of the international cult hit is from their double A-side single, “Donuts Mind If I Do”/”Plastic Love,” out now on Sub Pop.

CHAI’s “Donuts Mind If I Do”/“Plastic Love” double A-side single is available as a limited edition 7,” which is available to purchase now from Bandcamp (on orange or turquoise colored vinyl), and Sub Pop Mega Mart (on lime green vinyl). All three options while supplies last. The “Donuts Mind If I Do”/“Plastic Love” 7” single will be available worldwide (excl. Japan and Asia) with an estimated ship date in late November.

[Photo Credit: Kodai Ikemitsu]

CHAI is a revolutionary four-piece, made up of miracle twins Mana and Kana, and the impeccable rhythm section of Yuuki and Yuna. Combining their powerhouse musical prowess with “pinkish punk” sensibilities, CHAI has managed to create a huge splash in the music scene in their homeland, Japan, and abroad. Now ready to build on their infectious sound and musical accolades, CHAI is gearing up with their new label to release even more new music into the world.

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NEWS : FRI, NOV 13, 2020 at 7:00 AM

Marika Hackman’s new album ‘Covers’ is out today. Join her tonight for the worldwide album release live stream.

Covers is out now in North and South America through Sub Pop.

Today, Marika Hackman releases Covers, a darkly beautiful, self-produced new album which showcases a more vulnerable side. 

Marika will be performing with her full band tonight in an abandoned swimming pool. Tickets for the show available here - the show starts at 8.30pm GMT with a second stream at 9pm EST/6pm PT.

During the extended stay-at-home orders of the last few months, Marika felt that creating a covers record was a way of exploring new sound ideas and expressing herself without having the pressure of the blank page. She recorded and produced Covers between home and her parents’ house, then got David Wrench to mix it. In contrast to her last two albums (including 2019’s Any Human Friend & 2017’s I’m Not Your Man), this collection of songs is more akin in tone and feel to her debut We Slept At Last, with a darker and more introspective sound. On Covers, we hear Marika’s emotive voice set against sparse arrangements of guitars and strings with the occasional synth or scattered drum groove.
Breathing new life into the songs she’s chosen, Marika reimagines work by some of the world’s most beloved artists, such as Radiohead, Grimes, Beyonce and Elliott Smith. It’s a suitably varied collection, but Marika’s intimate delivery and soft, nuanced and atmospheric touch to production, thread them all together effortlessly.

Marika explains how she came to choose the material:
“When it comes to covers, I like to pick songs which I have been listening to obsessively for a while. It gives me a natural understanding of the music, and lets me be more innovative with how I transform it.”

For Covers, Marika turned to her musical heroes to get her through the year’s weirdness. The album is a new way of hearing some familiar things, and some less known, through the lens of this formidable artist.

“Realiti” is a stripped back piano and guitar based version of the Grimes classic from her most celebrated album Art Angels. Marika’s take is a total reinvention and yet it feels wholly her own. Muna’s ”Pink Light” from their 2019 record Saves The World is a slice of dark pop, reminiscent of The Cure. In Marika’s hands, it’s a remarkably seamless switch-up to convert these into slower, brooding soft jams.

Marika was obsessed with the Shins growing up and cites their songwriting as a major influence. ”Phantom Limb” the track she chose to cover was always a favorite and, whilst looking up the lyrics she discovered that the song was written about a “hypothetical, fictional account of a young, lesbian couple in high school dealing with the shitty small town they live in.” Finding this out created an even deeper connection with the song and band.

Marika’s version of Air’s ”Playground Love“ is one of the highlights, taken from the soundtrack that Air composed for Sofia Coppola’s coming of age The Virgin Suicides, the result being a moodier, disorientating reworking of a classic modern moment.

Final track ”All Night” sees Marika tackling one of the standouts from Beyonce’s Grammy nominated Lemonade. Again, Marika flips the song on its head. Joined by a choir of stacked vocal harmonies, Marika’s voice transcends to conjure a deep emotional resonance.

Adventurous and versatile, Covers continues Marika’s lineage in turning each body of work into a new take and perspective on her creative vision. She twists and turns, always surprises, and is never afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. It remains anyone’s guess to imagine where she will head next.

Covers is now available through Sub Pop (the Americas), Marika Hackman’s official website, and Transgressive Records (ROW). The LP will be available as a limited edition Navy Blue/Purple colored vinyl.

Marika Hackman

1. You Never Wash Up After Yourself (Radiohead)
2. Phantom Limb (The Shins)
3. Playground Love (Air)
4. Realiti (Grimes)
5. Jupiter 4 (Sharon Van Etten)
6. Pink Light (Muna)
7. Between The Bars (Elliott Smith)
8. Temporary Loan (Edith Frost)
9. In Undertow (Alvvays)
10. All Night (Beyonce)

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NEWS : WED, NOV 18, 2020 at 10:58 PM

Lael Neale shares official video for her new single “For No One For Now”

Lael Neale is sharing an official video for new single “For No One For Now,” an uptempo lament set in Didion’s Los Angeles. The disco drum track of the Omnichord calls to mind the agitated beat of driving fast on the freeway against the backdrop of the San Fernando Valley with its bent palms. Lael offers this, “I’ve always loved these stretches of road where the magic of the city seems hemmed in by the mundane.” The song contrasts romantic idealizations with the banality of folding sheets and toasting bread. “For No One For Now” is available worldwide on all DSPs from Sub Pop.

Lael grew up on a farm in Virginia among acres of clouds, fields, and woods. It was writing and writers close to nature - Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Steinbeck, and Mary Oliver - that she most connected with. In 2009, she moved to California with a rising devotion to music and for nearly 10 years has called Los Angeles home.  She worked with countless musicians, producers and collaborators, making entire records and eventually stowing them away. Despite endless frustration, she never resigned.  After discovering a new instrument, the Omnichord, she experienced a moment of illumination and began recording a deluge of emerging songs with the intention to capture them in their truest form.  She remarks, “Guy Blakeslee who had been an advocate for years facilitated the process. He set up a cassette 4-track in my bedroom and provided empathic guidance, subtle yet affecting accompaniment, and engineering prowess.”

She returned to her family farm back in April 2020 and has taken advantage of the limitations imposed by this period. She resurrected her old Sony Handycam from high school and is using it to make impressionistic companion pieces to the songs she recorded in Los Angeles.

She continues, “I am enjoying the strong contrast between the songs I wrote and recorded in California and the videos I am making for them in Virginia. It offers something unexpected.” In this installment, starry-eyed fantasy is cut with dull reality and a touch of the otherworldly.  It is at once dreamy and creepy. The sweetness is skinned by subtle humor as she pokes fun at her own romanticism. 

Lael Neale
“For No One For Now”

Single Artwork

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NEWS : TUE, NOV 17, 2020 at 10:58 PM

The Postal Service’s ‘Everything Will Change’ live album will be available on all DSPs December 4th

Now Watch/Stream: “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (Live)” and “Natural Anthem (Live)”

The Postal Service’s Everything Will Change live album will be available digitally for the first time on December 4th, 2020 worldwide through Sub Pop. The beloved band’s 15-track set, which features fan favorites ”Such Great Heights,” “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight,” “Sleeping In” and “Natural Anthem,” along with a cover of Beat Happening’s “Our Secret” and a rare live take on Dntel’s “(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan,” was performed live at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA, during their 2013 reunion tour. This 2020 release of Everything Will Change was remixed by Don Gunn and remastered by Dave Cooley earlier this year, from the recordings that were originally released as part of the the 2014 concert film.
Relive that night by watching live performances of “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight,” and “Natural Anthem” now.
A collaboration between Benjamin Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie) and Jimmy Tamborello (from Dntel), with Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis, The Postal Service released Give Up, their one and only album, in 2003. That record went on to sell over a million copies and most of the band’s fans never had the chance to see them perform live. In 2013 and in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of Give Up, Sub Pop released an expanded, deluxe version of that album and the band reunited to tour the world.

Everything Will Change was also released in 2014 as a feature-length documentary concert film directed by Justin Mitchell and includes intimate interviews, backstage footage of the band. The Everything Will Change film and Give Up are also available through Sub Pop.

The Postal Service
Everything Will Change
1. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
2. We Will Become Silhouettes
3. Sleeping In
4. Turn Around
5. Nothing Better
6. Recycled Air
7. Be Still My Heart
8. Clark Gable
9. Our Secret (Beat Happening cover)
10. This Place Is a Prison
11. A Tattered Line of String
12. Such Great Heights
13. Natural Anthem
14. (This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan (Dntel)
15. Brand New Colony

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NEWS : THU, NOV 19, 2020 at 10:57 PM

Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving and Christmas EPs available digitally worldwide from Sub Pop

Stream Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving now in all the digital places ->

Stream Bob’s Burgers Christmas starting next Friday, November 27th.

Sub Pop will release Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving and Bob’s Burgers Christmas which features holiday-themed songs from the 20th Television’s Emmy-award winning hit comedy, which just celebrated its 200th episode. 
The two holiday releases feature music performed by the main cast members – Bob (H. Jon Benjamin), Linda (John Roberts), their children Tina (Dan Mintz), Gene (Eugene Mirman) and Louise (Kristen Schaal), and handyman Teddy (Larry Murphy).

Available today is Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving, featuring five songs from the show:

Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving 
1. Gravy Boat
2. You’ve Got The Guts
3. Saving The Bird
4. Give It To Teddy
5. Kill The Turkey

Next Friday, November 27th, Bob’s Burgers Christmas will be released which features ten songs including “Twinkly Lights,” “Christmas Of My Dreams” and “The Bleaken.”

Bob’s Burgers Christmas
1. Christmas of My Dreams
2. Teddy’s Bleaken Story
3. The Bleaken
4. Art Song
5. O Christmas Tree
6. The Bleaken Reprise
7. Do You Hear What I Hear?
8. Twinkly Lights
9. Snowballs and Sledding
10. You Can’t Spell Christmas Without Us

About Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving and Bob’s Burgers Christmas:

Bob’s Burgers loves music. Bob’s Burgers loves the holidays. Bob’s Burgers loves holiday music during the holidays!

Sub Pop Records has gathered together these fan-favorite holiday musical moments from seasons one through eleven so you can enjoy them with your own burger family.  Produced by the series creator and executive producer Loren Bouchard’s Wilo Productions in partnership with Bento Box Entertainment, with Sub Pop licensing the rights from 20th Television. 

Fans know that music is more than just a condiment to Bob’s.  With a combination of silliness and heartfelt emotion, the music of Bob’s Burgers is part of the meat of the thing itself.  So put these holiday sound burgers in your mouth-ears and enjoy!

Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving and Bob’s Burgers Christmas available worldwide through all DSPS from Sub Pop.

About Bento Box Entertainment
Bento Box Entertainment (BBE) is an Emmy® award-winning entertainment content and technology company.  With studios in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Toronto, BBE produces animated comedy series for broadcast, cable and digital networks.  This includes Bob’s Burgers, the Primetime Emmy®-winning FOX series with 20th Television and creator Loren Bouchard; Comedy Central series Legends of Chamberlain Heights; among many others. With creative thinking, disruptive content and innovative technology at its core, BBE is dedicated to extending its reach to new audiences through its digital; Sutikki (kids); content rights; and live events, merchandise and brand management business units. BBE can be followed across social media channels @bentoboxent.

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