News from 11/2020

NEWS : THU, NOV 26, 2020 at 4:00 PM

Sub Pop’s 2020 ACTUALIZATION PLAN and Holiday Sale is happening now!

Each year, in a gesture of true benevolence and gratitude, we offer you, very nearly the best followers customers in the whole wide world, an irresistible holiday sale.

And, in this one way, this year is no different! We’re offering you true believers a once-in-a-lifetime (or, certainly not more than about once in a calendar year) opportunity to join us in total enlightenment by participating in our 30-60-90 Actualization Plan and Holiday Sale.

There are three different, yet intertwined paths your journey may take; only you can determine what action is best for you (though we strongly recommend the 90 option).

30: Get 20% off your entire order when you spend $30 or more.

60: Get 20% off you entire order, PLUS receive an email with a discount code for 20% off your next pre-order* when you spend $60 or more.

90: Get 20% off you entire order, receive an email with a discount code for 20% off your next pre-order*, PLUS get free domestic shipping when you spend $90 or more.

What is eligible?  Everything in the shop is eligible for 20% off, except pre-orders, Sub Pop Singles Club subscriptions and gift cards. We’re particularly fond of our 2020 releases, as well as our facemasks, super comfy flannels, and the jigsaw puzzle of the cover of Bleach.

Please note!  If there are any pre-order items in your cart at checkout, your entire order will not ship until the shipping date of the furthest out pre-order. That means your order will not ship until after the first of the year, and you will not receive any part of your order in time for the holidays.

The solution to this is: place multiple orders.

All orders placed by/on December 13th are guaranteed to ship out before we close up shop for the year, so get your orders in early and often. Related to this impending warehouse closure, any orders placed between December 14th and January 3rd will not ship out until after we are back in operation on January 4th. 

*Your discount code for 20% off your next pre-order will be sent out via email in January.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support and patronage. This year has been a real mo-fo, and it requires a fair amount of chutzpah in that context to try to pull off the kind of Serenity Now BS we’re aiming for here. Know that we appreciate (what we hope will be) your wildly overzealous gift buying for you and your loved ones, and genuinely wish you a bitchen enlightenment.

With eternal gratitude,

Sub Pop.

Posted by Chris Jacobs