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Sleaterkontest blog

As you’re no doubt aware, mainly because we can’t stop talking about it, Sub Pop (that’s us) is reissuing Sleater-Kinney’s ENTIRE back catalog on the long out-of-print and very much currently in vogue vinyl format. I presume to know what you’re thinking: “This is great news!”; we agree on that important point. Yes folks, on October 21st, for the first time in many years, you will be able to purchase all seven of Sleater-Kinney’s seminal releases on vinyl, CD, and digitally. The vinyl LPs will be available in a career-spanning box set with a hardcover book called Start Together, as well as individual releases

In celebration of this long-overdue event, we are hosting a bit of a contest. Here’s how it works:

1) Share with us, and the world, via Instagram or Twitter, your favorite Sleater-Kinney record or Sleater-Kinney memory.

2) Tag your post with #SleaterKontest and @SubPop (so we can find you and notify you if you win).

3) This step is optional but strongly encouraged: we’d love it if you told your friends, co-workers, baristas, bar tenders, bus drivers, teachers, enemies, parents, siblings, and/or anyone else you can think of. We’d love to sell a lot of these things. #marketing

4) Win! We will select five winners randomly on October 21st. The winner will receive their choice from the individual Sleater-Kinney reissues and a brand new Sleater-Kinney t-shirt.

In the meantime, we’re proudly selling Start Together and all of Sleater-Kinney’s records here.

Posted by Sam Sawyer