TUE, DEC 6, 2011 at 3:33 AM

Obits “Killer” video

A few months back, the very good rock band Obits welcomed Alexis Fleisig as their new drummer. (Previous drummer and all-around excellent human Scott Gursky, decided to hang it up a few months before that.) Alexis is in or has been in about 500 bands (Girls Against Boys, Paramount Styles, Bellini, Soulside…) so it’s understandable that he did not realize that as a part of his employment at Obits Music, Filmworks and Probate, Inc., he is now contractually required to make music videos for the band as well. He is, after all, a busy guy. Owing to his respect for a legal, binding contract (it’s all right there, in black and white) and what turns out to be a genuine knack for making music videos, Alexis made a video for the song “Killer” from Obits’ 2011 album Moody, Standard and Poor (which, by the by, Exclaim! recently featured as one of their best punk records of 2011).

And the thing is, this video is really good! See for yourself.

Also! The following items of related note…

—Obits will be performing live at The Bell House in Brooklyn on Friday, December 30th. This, of course, is New Year’s Eve Eve, the new and much cooler celebratory event that is, we are right now pretending, ALL THE RAGE among many of the trend-setting young people of that borough.

—After that, Obits will be playing still more live shows on the east coast of these United States in March. Specifically, these:
March 14 – Washington, DC at the Black Cat Backstage
March 15 – Philadelphia, PA at Johnny Brenda’s
March 16 – Cambridge, MA at TT the Bear’s
March 17 – New York, NY at Cake Shop.

—We recently received and are now offering for sale some more of the popular Les Obits t-shirts!

—Did you know that these same Obits participate in and are very funny in the use of the internet’s seemingly quite popular social media thingamajigs? While that former thing might be surprising and the latter not at all, they do! Like this:
Obits on Facebook
Obits on Twitter

Thank you for what we might as well assume to be your time and indulgence here.

Posted by Chris Jacobs