WED, FEB 23, 2011 at 7:50 AM

Let’s Save KUSF!


As you may have already heard, on January 18th, the doors of KUSF were closed without warning. For those who don’t know, KUSF was/is a free form and influential non-commercial radio station operating out of San Francisco since 1963. It came as a complete and total surprise to all staff and DJs that the station was sold—they were literally locked out with all of their belongings and music inside. The University of San Francisco axed the broadcast of KUSF that day and sold the license and frequency to a classical music broadcast originating in Southern California.

This was a total tragedy for everyone involved, but there’s still a chance to lend your support. KUSF has submitted a resolution to the San Francisco board of supervisors, they’ve petitioned the FCC to halt the sale of the station, and they are raising money for legal defense in the proceedings. They will also need to buy back their music library, and if all else fails, they will make efforts to find a new transmitter, frequency, and licensing.

You can help KUSF, and support a station that has long championed and helped cultivate independent music in the bay area. The deadline to petition the FCC is 2.25.11, so you still have time. Visit SaveKUSF online for a petition outline. You can also simply donate to the cause here .