FRI, MAY 21, 2010 at 4:43 AM

Blitzen Trapper Beverage Koozy (or cozy, either’s cool) With Your Pre-order of the new CD/LP


You know what goes great with a summer record? A cold beverage. Sometimes, maybe several cold beverages. With our June 15th release of their remarkable new album Destroyer of the Void, Blitzen Trapper has you covered on both! I presume to know what you are now asking yourself: “Sure, I get it about their awesome new record, but how in the heck will Blitzen Trapper provide me with a cold beverage?” Like this: when you pre-order Destroyer of the Void, you will receive, for free, a very handsome, specially made Blitzen Trapper beverage koozie! (Depending on where you’re from, you may know it as a “cozy”; I’m from Minnesota and we call them by their correct name.)

So, let’s recap! Not only will you get a great record (Destroyer of the Void, on either CD or LP w/ download code), some stickers, immediate access to a stream of the entire record upon pre-ordering (so you don’t have to wait for it to show up in the mail to hear it), but you’ll also be able to maintain optimal summer beverage temperature in an exceptionally stylish manner! All of this thanks to the one and only Blitzen Trapper band of Portland, OR (and also us here at Sub Pop). Thanks Blitzen Trapper! Thanks us!

Pre-order Destroyer of the Void here.

Download a free track from the new album here.

Posted by Sam Sawyer