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TUE, MAR 17, 2009 at 10:52 AM

Obits Debut & Red Red Meat Reissue on March 24th


We’re gonna try something crazy here (but it’s not the first time, so we know it’ll work out in our favor). We’re going to put out two records in one day! First, we have I Blame You, the debut from Obits (CD/LP). Pre-ordering this will get you a very amazing, band-designed lenticular post-card and stickers and button. Also on March 24th, Bunny Gets Paid, Red Red Meat’s third album is getting the deluxe, double-disc reissue treatment. The only other Sub Pop release to get this honor so far has been Mudhoney’s Superfuzz Bigmuff, so Bunny Gets Paid is among good company.

Obits’ I Blame You here.

Red Red Meat’s Bunny Gets Paid here.

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TUE, MAR 3, 2009 at 2:49 AM

A Form of Paying Attention March 2009


Alright, guys, fuck yeah! Two thousand nine is really picking up speed here at HQ and we’ve got some (dare I say) great stuff for you in the lovely month of March. On March 10 we will release the new HANDSOME FURS record on CD & LP. If you order FACE CONTROL before 3/10 we will include a CDR with 4 live album tracks recorded in Seattle. Buttons, stickers, blah blah blah, yes, you get that, too! Also, we’re doing a thing now that lets you stream the whole album once you purchase from That’s cool, right? March 10 is also the release date for the MARK SULTAN (the BBQ half of the King Khan & BBQ show) seven inch “Hold On” b/w “I Hear a New World”. The songs are great and so is the art/packaging. Get with it.

The OBITS record I BLAME YOU comes out on March 24th and I couldn’t be more excited—this is my record of the year. (No other records need apply.) We’ll give you a lenticular (Google it) postcard designed by the band if you pre-order, plus butts and sticks, AND the ability to stream! All this and nothing more if you order before March 23! That same day is the day we release BUNNY GETS PAID by RED RED MEAT in deluxe form including a 7-song 2nd disc of alternate, demo and single versions of album tracks, plus b-sides, covers and a previously unreleased song from the same era (“St. Anthony’s Jawbone”), all put together by the band. GET IT!

March is also the month of SXSW in Austin, TX. As has become our custom, we will be having a little Sub Pop showcase on two stages on Thursday, March 19 at the Radio Room. Here’s the sitch:
8:00 No Age (outside)
9:00 Red Red Meat (outside)
9:30 Mark Sultan (inside)
10:00 Obits (outside)
10:30 Daniel Martin Moore (inside)
11:00 Vetiver (outside)
11:30 Tiny Vipers (inside)
12:00 Blitzen Trapper (outside)
12:30 Pretty & Nice (inside)
1:00 Handsome Furs (outside)

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MON, MAR 2, 2009 at 3:23 AM

Bonus CD with Handsome Furs Pre-Order


Tuesday, March 10th marks our second release of 2009. This brings you, esteemed email subscriber person, yet another opportunity to own bonus material through an altogether unsubtle sales trick we call “the pre-order incentive”. When (and less likely if) you pre-order Handsome Furs’ second album, FACE CONTROL, on CD or LP (as usual, the vinyl comes with a digital download code), you will receive a limited CDR featuring four album tracks performed live at an April, 2008 show in Seattle. And because we’re so sweet on you (and your money), we’re going to throw in a couple stickers and a button as well. Can’t wait until March 10thto hear FACE CONTROL? With your pre-order, you’ll have access to a full album stream! How’s that for a bullet-proof sales pitch?

Pre-order FACE CONTROL here.

Check out the Handsome Furs here.

Brand new Handsome Furs t-shirt here

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TUE, MAR 3, 2009 at 3:14 AM

Big Fat Listening Pile


I’m one of the two Deans who work at Sub Pop. Dean Hudson to be exact. I recently decided that I’d start making bite-sized reviews (although a bit bigger than Twitter-sized) of records as I make my way through my listen pile.

While I’ve posted these on my personal website we thought that it may be interesting to cross-post these reviews here, in the spirit of Stuart Fletcher’s collection of short reviews. I also plan on trying to post here every week or so, although I imagine that my inherent absent-mindedness (and daily work duties) may have some effect on the regularity of these posts.

DISCLAIMER: No inference should be made from my reviews as to whether Sub Pop has any interest (or lack of interest) in any of the bands that I mention; the opinions expressed herein are, of course, my own and in no way represent an endorsement (or lack of endorsement) by Sub Pop Records®©. I’m just a single music-loving spoke in the much bigger wheel that is Sub Pop. Take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Without further ado:

  • Hot Snakes – Peel Sessions 7" EP. I’d be super psyched on this if it didn’t come with an epic scratch all the way across the A-side. Don’t make me tape a penny to my tone arm! Good versions of good songs. Swami Records
  • The Remains – The Remains (Mono Sundazed re-issue) LP. A pricey re-issue that you forgive because it’s so good. Great from the slow pounding of the opener. Sundazed
  • The Knights of the New Crusade – “Fugitive from God” 7". I think they formed this band to cover this song. You owe it to yourself to find the original—slightly undercompetant religious garage by the Click Kids. Re-issued as a comp by the Knights.
  • Beyond the Implode – “This Atmosphere” 7" EP. Siltbreeze re-issue of super great songs in the vein of late 70’s Fast Records stuff. Post-punk, pre-new wave awesome that gets on fine without drums. Siltbreeze
  • Charles Albright – “I’m on Drugs” 7". I’MONDRUGS. I’MJUSTAFINEYOUNGMANANDI’MDOINGSOWELL. IWANNAHOLDYOU. Same 3 songs on both sides, his name in caps all over the sleeve and insert. Charles seems to know that important things bear repeating. Available through SS Records
  • Vermillion Sands – “Mary” b/w “Wake Me When I Die”. Pet peeve: super thin vinyl. I didn’t look at the matrix, but is this United’s fault? They make a decent punching bag. I’m not sure that I’m on this train, but I like “Wake Me…” better than the A-side.
  • Tyvek – “Duck Blinds” b/w “Pamphlet”. I’m biased but I love Kevin Boyer. Limited edition tapes, Skolnick laugh and all. 3 unimpeachable minutes. Missed seeing ‘The Kid’ on tour, though. Sub Pop
  • Buzzer – “Disco Kiddz” b/w “Cool Feeling”. I’d like to see this band live. They seem like they either totally bring it or are a little too pretty for their own good. I hope it’s the former, this is pretty solid. The vocals are a bit too loud for me. Douchemaster
  • Fresh & Onlys – “Imaginary Friends” 7". I didn’t know what to expect when I saw the Fresh & Onlys but they were more cohesive than I imagined. Recording-wise, I dig the more poppy songs. These fit into that category—short, slightly repetitive, simple pop bits. B-side wins. Chuffed Records
  • Dan Melchior und das Menace – “Mr. Oblivion” b/w “Piledriver Nightmare #2”. This cover reminds me of the disturbing collection of lawn jockeys my dad had when I was growing up. I’m new to Dan Melchior and representative or not “Mr. Oblivion” is super solid. B-side is in the A-Frames/Intelligence vein. Dark & catchy. Please, splurge on a better pressing! Columbus Discout Records
  • Eat Skull/Ganglians – Split 7". Eat Skull side: reverb on the whole mix and instruments being pulled out of pitch. Ganglians side: reasonably sincere-sounding pop. Just a little long in the tooth. Dulc-i-tone Records
  • Thomas Function – “Nomad” b/w “We Simply Just Attack”. Did this band blow up? I can’t tell. Could live without the intro/outro on the A-side. This 7" is good but doing alt-versions somehow feels a little gratuitous.
  • Live Fast Die / Lover! – Split 7". Live Fast Die side: shredding lo-fi potty punk. Lover! side: solid poppy potty punk. Fun. Douchemaster

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson

WED, FEB 25, 2009 at 10:25 AM

Red Red Meat: Live!


As we really hope you are already aware, we will be re-issuing Red Red Meat’s incredibly great 1995 album Bunny Gets Paid in a fancy, deluxed-up edition on March 24th. The original album has been re-mastered, there’s a 7-song 2nd disc of alternate, demo and single versions of album tracks, plus b-sides, covers and a previously unreleased song from the same era (“St. Anthony’s Jawbone”), all wrapped up in expanded and enhanced album art.

It’s pretty nice (and available for pre-order right now).

What you may not already be aware of, the thing that is providing me with an excuse to talk up the reissue here in a “news piece,” is that Red Red Meat is getting back together to play a handful of shows next month as well! They will be playing two shows at the Empty Bottle in Chicago, one on March 17th, the other on March 18th, AND they will be playing at the Sub Pop showcase at SxSW this year on March 19th! All of the confirmed Red Red Meat shows are, not at all coincidentally, up in our tour section right GD now.

If you’re able, you should really avail yourself of one of these rare opportunities to see Red Red Meat play. We convinced them to perform at our 20th anniversary festival last summer and can say with the somewhat smug confidence of recent, first-hand experience that it is highly likely you will have a very good time.

Posted by Chris Jacobs