THU, JUL 16, 2009 at 3:23 AM

Flight of the Conchords vs. The Emmys

The Flight of the Conchords have been nominated for 6 Emmys! And not for weird shit like best grip in an hour long docudrama. Oh no, they’ve been nominated for some real deal stuff like “Outstanding Comedy Series” and “Outstanding Lead Actor.” And perhaps most exciting for us here at Sub Pop “Outstanding Original Music Composition” for their song “Carol Brown” (which I should point out is currently available on Itunes and will also be included on their new album which will come out October 20th.)

Here’s the whole list of what they’ve been nominated for:
Outstanding Comedy Series
Outstanding Director
Outstanding Lead Actor
Outstanding original music for “Carol Brown”
Outstanding Sound Mixing
Outstanding Writing

So a hearty and public congratulations from all of us at Sub Pop to the Flight of the Conchords team and all our friends at HBO. Well done!

Posted by tony kiewel