TUE, JUN 23, 2009 at 9:41 AM

Vera Project Spring Fund Drive


Wondering how one of Sub Pop’s favorite non-profits, the Vera Project, has been holding up? Well, despite the dreary economy, swine flu and all the other downers out there today, the Vera Project is thriving with amazing shows including a solo show by none other than Robin Pecknold of that one band, what are they called…Fleet Foxes, as part of the annual A Drink for the Kids fundraiser! Last year alone over 37,000 people came through Vera’s doors, and over 1,000 people volunteered and took classes at Vera. Vera exists because of the people who support it, be they volunteers, contributing artists or donors. Music and art help all of us get through doldrums, economic or otherwise, and Vera continues to keep music and art accessible and affordable to people of all ages in the city of Seattle.

Nonetheless, Vera is seeing the effects of the weak economy. Vera relies on donations from individuals, businesses and private foundations for over 63% of our annual income. With foundation and corporate giving down due to a hurting stock market and rough economy, Vera needs your support right now.

You can be part of the Vera Project’s 2009 Spring Fund Drive! This month we are asking you, as true and sincere friends of all-ages music and youth-driven art, to help raise $20,000 for Vera. To countless people in the Seattle area Vera is a stable place for awesome all-ages shows, a place to meet friends and like-minded artists, a place to learn skills in music and arts production and a place to launch careers in the music, arts and non-profit industries. By supporting Vera you will help keep Seattle’s music and arts community strong and contribute to the lives of tens of thousands of young people. Please donate now!

Posted by Kate Jackson