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Sunny Day Real Estate reunion tour plus Sub Pop reissues of Diary and LP2


Following a more than 10 year hiatus, all four original members of pioneering Seattle rock band Sunny Day Real Estate will regroup for a 20-date US tour starting Sept. 17th, 2009. In addition, Sub Pop Records will re-issue both Diary and the band’s second full-length album, commonly known as LP2 (or The Pink Album for its entirely pink cover). Both re-mastered albums will include rare bonus tracks as well as newly written liner notes and will be released on both CD and LP Sept. 15, 2009, just prior to the start of the tour. Tour dates can be found here.

Originally formed in Seattle in 1992, Sunny Day Real Estate featured Nate Mendel (bass), William Goldsmith (drums), Dan Hoerner (guitar,vocals) and Jeremy Enigk (vocals, guitar). Diary, the band’s first full-length album, was released in 1994 on Sub Pop, going on to become the seventh-best selling record in the label’s history with more than 231,000 copies scanned in the US alone. Diary was recorded at Chicago’s Idful Studios with producer Brad Wood and released to critical acclaim. Following the completion of a US Tour to support the debut release, the group headed back into the studio with Wood to record the follow-up.

But during the recording sessions, internal tensions splintered Sunny Day Real Estate, resulting in a sudden break-up and the finished album being turned in to Sub Pop without a title or artwork. LP2 was released in November 1995, by which time both Goldsmith and Mendel had joined Foo Fighters and Enigk had begun a solo career. Without Mendel, Sunny Day Real Estate reunited in 1997 and released two more studio albums (the 1998 Sub Pop release How It Feels to Be Something On and in 2000 The Rising Tide on Time Bomb) before disbanding again in 2001. Sunny Day Real Estate’s influence has grown exponentially since the band’s initial split.

“I wasn’t around for the second version of the band that recorded the 3rd and 4th albums, so I’ve always had a feeling of unfinished business there,” Mendel explains. “We had all these out-sized ideas back then, ’Everyone’s going to learn a new instrument,’ and ’Let’s do a rock opera,’ but before we could get anywhere with them, the band broke up. We left behind all these weird and beautiful songs, though, and they’ve stuck with me all this time. I’m really happy that we get a chance to play them together again.”

These new editions of both Diary and LP2 will be available everywhere including and here at

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Still Time to Apply for The Sub Pop Scholarship

In case you didn’t know, we are quickly approaching the application deadline for the 2009 Sub Pop Scholarship, so get those essays in now!

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For the Record #1: Foals - Antidotes


Welcome to a new feature of the internet (and more specifically “For the Record”. It’s going to work something like this: one of us picks a record we are fond of, writes a few lines about why we like it and then we put it on sale for 48 hours. You, enticed by the the review and overcome by feelings of inadequacy for not having listened the first time we told you it was great, buy the record. Deal?

Band: Foals
Record: Antidotes
When we told you the first time: April 8th 2008

Antidotes is unlike any other record Sub Pop has put out. Talking Heads, Steve Reich, Arthur Russell, Fugazi, the Kompakt label, The Cure and “dance rock” (ugh) aren’t reference points for many bands we work with. What Foals do have in common with many of the best loved Sub Pop records is the spirit of outsiders playing their own distorted vision of pop music. Descriptions of the band’s “taught rhythm section” and “insect like guitar lines” litter the internet, so I won’t bore you with those (try the mp3s and video links to hear for yourself or Bing Foals). My favorite track is Heavy Water, or to be precise the second half of it, so look out for that when you buy it. Foals themselves will be the first to tell you that they didn’t pull off everything they attempted on Antidotes, but it’s cruel to be too critical of a band for having too many ideas. The band is currently working on their second record back in Oxford, England. Until LP2, please satisfy yourself with Antidotes, the first Foals record.

For the next 48 hours you can pick up Antidotes for $6 on CD and LP and for $4 digital. The CD contains UK singles “Hummer” and “Mathletics” as bonus tracks, those tracks are included on a 7” in the sleeve with the vinyl.

Click here to buy!

Watch the video for Olympic Airways here

Listen to Balloons here (right click to save or left click to listen now)

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Thanks so much to all of the kids who applied for the Sub Pop Loser Scholarship 2009! We didn’t get as many applications this year because we dropped the ball and announced it pretty late, but you get to be totally stoked on account of less competition! We’ll announce the lucky losers on July 2nd, so check back to read more about who we’ve selected for our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes of $6,000 / $4,000 / $3,000! Also, that picture is of my cousin Michael just because he’s a high school senior. I’m trying to turn him on to the good stuff.

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