Sat, JUL 12, 2008 at 7:05 AM

I’m Blogging From the Festival!

So that’s a pretty exciting bit of the future that you and I are experiencing together. In other future related news, we’ve made an attempt to set up a festival related video channel.

The friendly folks at Kyte have provided yours truly with a video enabled walkie-talkie—I, in turn, am able to broadcast video, from the festival (here at Marymoor park) directly to the internet.

I haven’t mastered the technology yet, but if you want to watch the results of a grown man fumbling about with technology he doesn’t fully understand, you can follow my video exploits here:

Obits and Constantines have already played; I posted a short clip of the Obits (who incidentally rule) already. Check it out!

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson