TUE, JUN 3, 2008 at 9:18 AM

Touch Us, We’re Sick


Cuz Mark is gone on tour for a whole month! Here’s what a few Sub Pop employees miss the most about Mark when he’s gone:

  • Sam: his backrubs
  • Sasha: psych band recommendations
  • Sue: Mark always says good morning and seems like he means it. I think that’s nice.
  • Dusty: impromptu a cappella performances of Into The Drink
  • Sarah: NPR in the warehouse
  • Chris: NPR
  • Andy: his pretty hairdo?
  • Lacey: skronk
  • Megan: I miss listening to NPR. He blasts it in the warehouse like it’s Black Flag’s “TV Party”.
  • Tony: The blowjobs in the men’s room. Definitely the blowjobs.

Posted by Sasha Morgan