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La Mano is the publishing imprint of former Low bass player Zak Sally. La Mano is a small press whose dedication to artful printing and whose handmade aesthetic we greatly admire. It’s clear that, like most worthwhile things, La Mano is firstly and foremostly a labor of love (or possibly, given how amazing these books look, more of a love of labor…). And we have an abiding affection and respect for Zak himself. Through La Mano, Zak has published a bunch of great books, including John Porcellino’s Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man, his own Recidivist, and most recently, Nate Denver’s Wait, You’re Not a Centaur.

So, naturally, we developed an interest in somehow exploiting La Mano to our best interest. Here’s what we’ve come up with:

bq.In addition to selling La Mano publications on the Sub Pop website (you can find the titles we’re carrying at the moment here), we are also now selling select La Mano titles directly to record stores. So! If your local independent record store does not carry the La Mano brand of fine publications, we encourage you to strongly suggest that they do so. And, if you work for/own/operate a record store that would like to carry La Mano books, you should contact our direct sales dept. soonishly at

There’s a nice, long interview with Zak, about La Mano and Recidivist and all sorts of other things on The Onion’s website.

And, there’s a long-ish piece about Zak, his love of the band Tool, La Mano, us, and all sorts of other things up on Pitchfork’s news section, here.

Excelsior, MF’ers!

Posted by Chris Jacobs