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TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


Check out the new video for “Pink Bullets” from Chutes Too Narrow. It features a sad origami cow, and was made by Adam Bizanski, a 22-year old based in Israel.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson

TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM



In a move that has nothing whatsoever to do with our staggering weed intake, we at Sub Pop Records have taken steps to become entirely green-powered. What this effectively means is that, through our purchase of Green Tags, we are paying the difference between the cost of renewable energy and that of fossil fuel-generated energy, and in doing that, helping to shift the overall energy mix toward more renewable resources.

Here’s the somewhat interesting story behind how we became such hippies:

The guy there on the right is our own Andrew Sullivan. Like many recent college graduates, Andrew lives in what might charitably be referred to as a “shithole,” with 5-7 roommates, ranging in degrees of familiarity from life-long pals to “who is that sleeping in the tub?”. He enjoys late nights, loud rock music, street wrestling, world travel, the company of the fairer sex, and donkey shows. More often than not, dude sleeps in a pile of beer and/or Sparks™ cans. Completely unrelatedly, he also works here, explaining the internet to his benighted and slow-witted elder co-workers. Makes sense so far, right? Here’s the thing: Though money is forever tight at the squat, about a year ago Andrew opted to start paying extra on his electric bill every month to offset the additional cost of renewable energy (which is not subsidized up the proverbial wazoo by our government the way that fossil fuel and nuclear energy are).

What’s more, our own Kelley Stoltz did a very similar thing with the energy used to record his Below the Branches album earlier this year. And, Below the Branches not only shows off Kelley’s chops as a progressive thinker, but as an artist as well: “In concise, perpetually tuneful songs, his voice echoes the Kinks’ Ray Davies, while the sun-dazed reverberations of the Beach Boys meet the music-hall bounce of the Beatles” (The New York Times). The press release about Kelley’s album being the very first recorded using 100% renewable energy, as certified by Green-e, is right here.

Kids do the darnedest things, right?

Right! But, Andrew didn’t stop there. Further motivated by Kelley’s example, he went on to persuade the powers that be here at Sub Pop that we should do the same. And, with the help of the exceedingly nice folks at the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (who we’d say very nice things about solely for their seemingly inexhaustible patience in explaining all of this stuff to us) and Green-e/the Center for Resource Solutions, Sub Pop is now the first record label in the US to be 100% powered by green/renewable energy.

We are surpassingly proud of both Andrew and Kelley (to say nothing of our increasingly high opinion of ourselves…). But, the real take-home on this one is like so:

If a very-nearly starving punk-rock Bohemian like Andrew, AND an incredibly talented, though as-yet-not-exactly-a-household-name musician like Kelley, AND a somewhat dysfunctional, medium-sized record label like Sub Pop can all manage some small effort at promoting climate recovery (and not hastening really scary stuff like this), what, exactly, is your excuse?

The official press release is here. You should read it and, shortly thereafter, you should do something about it.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson

TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:23 AM

TRAFFIC IN SUB POP ROCK CITY: November 2000, With your Vegas tart, Anna Woolverton

THIS MONTH: Blah, blah, blah, blue-collar working-man’s rock, blah, blah, blah.

I’m going to Las Vegas for vacation. Four days and three nights of feeling my pupils squeak around. I’ve never
been there because I am impoverished, but recently I was informed that if I do not take a vacation the office
might institutionalize me. So they are shoving me off on my husband and forcing me to dip into my savings
account, which I intended for things like name-brand cotton swabs and the oil bill. When I get back I’ll be
able to tell you all about old folks, coupons, and whether or not I threw up, or if my appendix finally burst.

November is the happy golden month of BADLANDS, A TRIBUTE TO BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN’S NEBRASKA, released by Sub Pop
November 7. Please won’t you go here and find out all the
interesting things about the record. For instance, all the songs on this record were recorded as the original,
on four-track, by people like Chrissie Hynde, Hank Williams III, Son Volt, Ben Harper,
Johnny Cash and Damien
Jurado and Rose Thomas. I do not know what could be nicer! On a fascinating note, the movie
BADLANDS, made in 1973, is loosely based on the famous Stearkweather
crime spree, of which rumor has it Mr. Springsteen used as inspiration for his Nebraska record. Only I
don’t know that for sure, you’ll have to ask Bruce for the dope. Also there if fabulous music by Carl Orff
included in the score for the 1973 film of Badlands. It’s classical in nature however, so you shall have
to fake out some highbrow taste if you are going to appreciate it, if you don’t mind me saying so. But I
digress, where was I?
Oh…. Proceeds from the sale of Badlands, a Tribute….are to be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

Also in November, you too can join the singles club and receive the JONATHAN RICHMAN 7” vinyl record which
is currently in the works; and non-singles club members can freely purchase the newest 7” of ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN.
A couple of Suicide Squeeze things we brought in that we haven’t had before: namely a 7” RED STARS THEORY
and a split CD of MODEST MOUSE and 764-HERO. It’s fancy. Also act now and order the newest record by the
fantastic ELEVATOR called A Taste of Complete Perspective,
brought to you from our friends at Teenage USA Recordings. They’re moving fast so hop on it, skoob!

WHAT’S WEIRD: My thing for baby aspirin has passed, but I’ve been eating some milled flower caplets
lately and they give me a buzz. Oh dear, so many dolls in the valley, so little time.

NEWSY BITS: Our friends and yours BEACHWOOD SPARKS are
embarking on a west-coast tour with J. MASCIS, with shows in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and L.A.
Did anyone see them October 24 in Los Angeles with BECK? If so, do tell. Chris from Beachwood Sparks just
reported to yours truly that he went to a Halloween party last night in costume as SNOOP DOGGIE DOG. This
is about twice as funny as it sounds if you have ever met Chris, which you would have if you were more
popular and better looking of course. You might want to work on that, or you can just send me a dollar,
either way. We can’t say what influence P.J. HARVEY had on this next item, but actor TIM ROBBINS was
seen at the DAMON & NAOMI show in New York, where
the aforementioned skinny lady was also doing her thing. I had to mention this not just because no one
is stopping me, but also because Tim Robbins is so handsome. D&N are gearing up to play the Terrastock
Festival on November 3 here in Seattle. The poster for that festival is very very good looking, because
famous Sub Pop art departmentuer Jesse LeDoux made it. Art is a good investment you know, I’m just saying!

LOVE AS LAUGHTER are going out on tour to Europe to play with
Modest Mouse. I have never been to Europe personally, kind of like I have never been to Las Vegas only
way worse. Finally our house band THE MURDER CITY DEVILS
are returning from playing rock shows everywhere. We missed them, and not just because we have stuff for Gabe
to take to the dump. Gabe actually kind of felt sad at my column last month concerning candy, because he
doesn’t know how much I actually care. I do. MCD SPENCER MOODY received the award for the best local singer
on City Search. I think he got a box of chicklets and gift certificate for international coffees. Score!
Along with Scotland’s finest LOOPER, THE MURDER CITY DEVILS
are new to the in-store play circuit at URBAN OUTFITTERS. So if you hear the finest singer in Seattle
howling and growling while you’re in the fitting room with those orange parachute pants – that’s just
Spencer. He’s harmless. On a related note of who’s-being-promoted-where, NEBULA’S
“Come Down” will be tinkering around in the background whilst you
fidget with your Sony Playstation 2 device. Just be sure you’re playing the “Cool Boarders 2001” game.
Furthermore, let me ask you this, have you seen THE YOYOS on MTV2?

Why don’t you go to a show? Touring in November are Beachwood Sparks, Damon & Naomi, Love As Laughter
(overseas), THE MAKERS, the Murder City Devils and Nebula. Why don’t you
read me at Pop Paralysis? Or just send me a dollar, either way.

Bye mashed potatoes, –

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson