THU, SEP 7, 2006 at 12:00 AM


The Shins have teamed up with Al Gore’s Current TV to make something truly awesome, so if you are going to be at Austin City Limits and want to be a part of this killer idea check out the info below:

What Is It?

Make history by helping to create a video of The Shins performing New Songs from their unreleased album ‘Wincing The Night Away’ using the video from YOUR cell phone or digital camera!

It will then be broadcast on Current TV

In the finished product, we will get to see the band perform from all angles!

When & Where?

4:30pm – Saturday, Sept 16th
At the AT&T Stage
The 2006 Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, Texas.

How Will It Work?

When the band gives you the cue from the stage, put your phones and cameras up, start taping and help make history!

After the show, go to to find out where to send your video clips.

Why Should You Be A Part Of It? 5 Reasons?

1. If we use your footage, we will credit you and use a picture of your pretty mug (that you submit to us) in the finished product.

2. You will be a part of making history. No one has ever attempted something like this on this large of scale before.

3. The songs haven’t even been released yet – that means exclusive baby.

4. This is true Audience Participation.

5. Because you’re a die-hard Shins fan! Need we say more?

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson