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THU, JUN 5, 2008 at 8:59 AM

New Wolf Parade CD/LP Out June 17th!


From the perspective of any Sub Pop Records employee, every Sub Pop release date is a day worth taking off to celebrate the many joys of Somewhat Independent Record Label Rock Music. June 17th is certainly no exception, for this day brings us Wolf Parade’s second full-length release. Does that make for a day worth celebrating? You bet, presumed reader! At Mount Zoomer will be available on CD and fidelity-intensified phonographic LP (complete with a digital download code) for all you crazy fidelity freaks. As if the promise of a life-altering/enhancing record album weren’t enough, if you pre-order At Mount Zoomer by June 17th, we’ll include, at no additional cost to you, a poster featuring a painting of Wolf Parade as depicted by Spencer’s sister, Zoë Krug Sather. Oh! And just like all of our online customers, you’ll receive stickers and button or two. Good news is fun to spread.

Pre-order At Mount Zoomer here.

Listen to Wolf Parade here.

See Wolf Parade at Sub Pop’s 20th Anniversary Festival.

Posted by Sam Sawyer

MON, JUN 2, 2008 at 5:23 AM

A Form of Paying Attention June ‘08


The Fleet Foxes record comes out on June 3rd and the LP—and it’s a gate-fold LP, mind you—comes with a digital download code, AND includes the Sun Giant EP on a second piece of vinyl! This is currently the only way to get Sun Giant on vinyl so it seems crazy not to buy it. Oh, this record is coming out on CD, too, if you’re into that. Buy it here. Want to know all about Fleet Foxes? Look here for tour info and here for myspace informations.

The new Wolf Parade record comes out June 17th, and it’ll be on CD and LP (w/ download code) as well. Buy it! We’re giving away a poster of the Wolfers’ heads on animal bodies, painted by Spencer’s sister Zoe Krug Sather. You can see it here. Click here for more Wolf Newz.

So, 20th Anniversary festivities continue to roll along quite nicely. We’ve got the big fest weekend coming up in just over a month and we’ve added The Vaselines and Les Thugs to the rock line-up and David Cross to the comedy line-up. Singles Club is not quite ready yet but we (I mean “they”) are working hard on getting it all lined up in a timely fashion—please be on the look out for it in 2012. Kidding!

Have a good June, and see you in July at Marymoor!

Posted by Lacey Swain

WED, FEB 13, 2008 at 6:52 AM

OMG! A New Way to Celebrate Wolf Parade!


That’s right! A new Wolf Parade shirt for you to celebrate your fan-dom with. This is an aqua American Apparel shirt expressing Wolf Parade’s tendency to be Cold Chillin’. They love it, and so will you.

Pick it up here.

Posted by Sam Sawyer