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NEWS : TUE, APR 26, 2022 at 7:00 AM

Wolf Parade Announces Headlining Pacific Northwest Shows July 8th-July 13th, 2022

Wolf Parade has added headlining Pacific Northwest dates to its 2022 tour schedule, which begins Friday, July 8th in Portland, Oregon at Wonder Ballroom and runs through Wednesday, July 13th in Eugene, Oregon at Sessions Music Hall.
Presales start Wednesday, April 27th via Bandsintown, with general on sale Friday, April 29th at 10 am (local).
Preceding the July run, Wolf Parade will play Apologies to the Queen Mary, the group’s classic debut album, in its entirety over a three-show run from Friday, May 20th through Sunday, May 22nd, 2022. These special performances will feature the album’s original lineup of Dan Boeckner, Spencer Krug, Arlen Thompson, and Hadji Bakara, and will include a stop at Pasadena’s Just Like Heaven Festival (May 21st).
Fri. May 20 - Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour [Sold Out]
Sat. May 21 - Pasadena, CA - Just Like Heaven Festival
Sun. May 22 - San Francisco, CA - August Hall
Fri. Jul. 08 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
Sat. Jul. 09 - Bellingham, WA - NW Tune-Up Festival
Mon. Jul. 11  - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile
Wed. Jul. 13 - Eugene, OR - Sessions Music Hall   
For up to date information on tickets, please visit
What people have said about Wolf Parade:
“A triumphant fifth full-length that stands up there with the band’s very best.” [Thin Mind★★★★★ Record Collector
“A triumphant, full-throttle resurrection (Album of the Week, 8.5/10).”  [Thin MindThe Line of Best Fit
“Wolf Parade have carefully crafted another winning record…a solid addition to a sparkling oeuvre.”  [Thin Mind] ★★★★ The Skinny
“The album brims with 80s synthesizers and 90s MIDIs. They combine with a myriad drum fills and sharp guitars for a sleek, lively listen. Whether or not the future is as dark and dire as Wolf Parade make it out to be, critically-minded works like Thin Mind will stave off a total eclipse (8.5/10).”  [Thin MindNorthern Transmissions
“A paradoxical treat for our zombified minds.”  [Thin MindCLASH
“An edgy, anxious-sounding, synth-drenched set, full of intriguing references… retro-futurism at its best.”  [Thin MindUNCUT
“Wolf Parade…have created an album that manages to utterly invigorate you.” [Thin Mind] ★★★★★ NARC
“Now a trio, the group has only deepened its talents and personal musical aesthetic, while their lyrical themes have taken on both a newfound maturity and optimism.” [Thin MindTreble Zine
“…An expansive and vigorous listen.” [Thin MindLoud & Quiet
“Wolf Parade has taken in and put to use a host of sounds and vibes from that powerful, past era, and yet found a way of expression that is consistently forward looking both musically and artistically (4.5/5).”  [Thin MindThe Fire Note
Wolf Parade… has defied expectations and maintained a cohesive, distinct sound.” [Thin Mind] SF Weekly
“Wolf Parade are proof that if you hold your ground long enough, the cultural tide starts to surge back in your direction.” [Thin Mind★★★★ NOW
“Wolf Parade are still finding exciting ways to deconstruct the essentials of their sound.” [Thin
“Something of a rallying cry against our reliance on tech, Thin Mind is a short, sharp shock to the senses. You’ll be whistling its tunes all year (8/10).” [Thin Mind]  Hot Press

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NEWS : MON, AUG 9, 2021 at 7:00 AM

Hear Washed Out’s and Porridge Radio’s contributions to Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 6, available now at all DSPs

Today, Monday, August 9th marks the release of Washed Out’s “Sidney’s Lullaby” b/w “Miles’ Lullaby” and Porridge Radio’s cover of Wolf Parade’s “You Are A Runner And I Am My Fathers Son,” available now on all DSPs.

The songs are from their contributions to the Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 6, which continues Sub Pop’s limited-edition, subscription-only 7” vinyl singles. While the vinyl editions are only available to Singles Club subscribers – which you can become via the Sub Pop Mega Mart! – the music can now be heard on all digital music services. If you want the 7”s, hurry up and subscribe, as the 1,000 available subscriptions are nearly sold-out.

For Washed Out’s (aka Ernest Greene) contribution, he recorded two very sweet, ambient lullabies named for his sons, Sidney and Miles. He offers this on the recording, “For me, the process of writing a traditional song (with verses, choruses, etc.) can be a very time-consuming practice.  There is always an initial feeling of excitement upon discovering an interesting chord progression or melody, but the nuts and bolts of actually seeing the song through until the end can be quite maddening.

“I love to offset this way of working by improvising short instrumental sketches simply for the fun of creating and I feel like this material often has a purity and spontaneity that is often missing in my more “produced” work.

“Much like every other musician who was forced to stop touring because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I spent a lot of time at home and because of quarantine measures spent more time with my two young children than I ever have before.  As any parent can tell you, it is an amazing experience seeing them discover the world around them and their minds are so pure, honest, and open. I thought these two instrumental sketches had a sweetness and playfulness about them that characterized certain aspects of their development during this time. I tried to capture both of their unique spirits but also the tenderness I feel for them as their father. 

“Perhaps these songs might come across as too personal or sentimental - like sharing an intimate family photograph with a stranger.  However, I hope that listeners might think back to their own childhoods and how it felt to have such an innocent view of the world around you.”

Washed Out recently announced a headlining North American tour for late winter 2022. For up to date information on tickets please visit

Porridge Radio’s cover of “You Are A Runner…,” the Wolf Parade fan favorite, is the A-side to their contribution to Sub Pop Singles Club (and follows the release of their cover of The Shins’ “New Slang,” its B-side, late last month).
Porridge Radio’s Dana Margolin had this to say, “Sub Pop are a label I’ve loved for a long time, and when they asked if we wanted to release some songs with them this summer, I looked through their back catalog and chose 2 songs to cover that had a big impact on me as a teenager.”

Beginning as Margolin’s sadcore bedroom project, Porridge Radio developed into an idiosyncratic post-punk 4-piece after she moved to Brighton and met her future bandmates. They inelegantly knot together Margolin’s vicious, furious emotional outpourings with beautiful pop melodies. After a series of demos, and the growing legend of their intense live shows, their lofty debut Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers came out via Memorials of Distinction in 2016, documenting struggles with life, love and boredom, and showcases the scrapbook absurdism at Porridge Radio’s core.
The band’s 2020 Secretly Canadian debut, Every Bad, is a culmination of what has been in their head for some time. Every Bad arrived full of grand, sweeping ambition – with vocals so urgent that it often feels like it is moved by compulsion rather than choice, with all the rawness of early Karen O, and influences as disparate as Charli XCX and The Cranberries. After receiving wide critical acclaim across the board, Every Bad was shortlisted as one of the Hyundai Mercury Prize’s albums of 2020.
Porridge Radio’s updated international tour schedule now runs August 2021 through June 2022. Please visit the band’s tour dates page for more info.

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NEWS : FRI, OCT 2, 2020 at 12:01 AM

Here’s what Sub Pop has in store for Bandcamp Friday, October 2nd

On Friday, October 2nd, Sub Pop artists past and present – new signees CHAI, The Gotobeds (w/ Chicago’s Daddy’s Boy), Loma, METZ, The Postal Service, Chad VanGaalen, and Wolf Parade – will be offering a variety of new and unreleased material, special sales and deals through Bandcamp’s “No Revenue Share Day” aka #BandcampFriday.

Visit Sub Pop’s Bandcamp store to find it all.

CHAI’s “Donuts Mind If I Do” is a new song and the band’s label debut, available digitally now from Sub Pop. “Donuts…” will also be available on the group’s forthcoming “Donuts Mind If I Do” b/w “Plastic Love” 7” single out this November. This limited edition 7” is available to pre-order in two color options through Bandcamp – on either orange or turquoise colored vinyl.

$2 for both tracks, $1 per track (digitally).

$8 for the 7” single (physical + while supplies last). 

Est. ship date for the 7” single is late November.

The Gotobeds “Sunny Youth” / Daddy’s Boy “Family Cat” is a split digital single with proceeds going to Prison Neighborhood Arts Project. “Sunny Youth” was recorded during sessions for The Gotobeds’ Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic, their Sub Pop debut, while Daddy’s Boy’s “Family Cat” was recorded earlier this year at Electrical Audio in Chicago by Steve Albini. Both tracks are previously unreleased.

$1 per track.

Kiwi. Jr’s “Undecided Voters” is the just-released, darkly comic and prescient single from the Toronto-based, newly signed Sub Pop band.

$1 per track.

Loma’s self-released “Wheal Owles,” is a long, loose, haunting, and very human 15-minute instrumental. Emily Cross on clarinet, Jonathan Meiburg on guitar, Dan Duszyniski on drums. 

$5 for the track.

METZ’s entire digital discography, including the digital pre-order for Atlas Vending, their forthcoming album out October 9th, 2020 on Sub Pop, is available for sale at 35% off (or $39.65 in total).

Digital discography sale begins Friday and ends Thursday, October 8th.

Chad VanGaalen’s Lost Harmonies is a b-sides compilation of songs that were intended to be part of a synth-focused record called Lost Harmony. VanGaalen says of the project, “They were all improvised live and recorded them — quick and dirty. I was always critical of the way my voice still sounded like my normal voice, and the album got shelved. Eventually I returned to it and tried manipulating the sounds using pitch-shifting and changing tape speeds. I finally felt like it was cool to drool, and it evolved into Lost Harmonies. These are the kind of songs I make to entertain myself late at night.”

Pay what you want for the compilation on Friday, $1 per track after.

Various Artists Good Music to Avert the Collapse of American Democracy: Volume 2 is a fundraising compilation album with all net proceeds going to Voting Rights Lab to help secure, protect and defend the voting rights of all Americans in the upcoming 2020 election. The Postal Service’s “We Will Become Silhouettes (Live from Berkeley, CA 2013)” and Wolf Parade’s “ATA” are among the 77 tracks featured on the comp.

$20.20 for the comp, available Friday, October 2nd only.

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NEWS : Sat, APR 18, 2020 at 10:00 AM

Wolf Parade’s “Under Glass” official video premieres via Episode One Charity Stream with Chapo FYM Saturday, April 18th

Wolf Parade’s ‘Under Glass” is a standout from Thin Mind, their acclaimed album of 2020. 

It’s now the subject of a gory yet humorous, Cronenberg-esque official video, and will see its premiere tonight, Saturday, April 18th via the Episode One Podcast charity stream with ChapoFYM on Twitch. The charity stream event will raise funds for the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation!

The “Under Glass” video is directed by Caleb Bardgett and Johnny Dunn, stars Keegan Kruse, with special effects makeup from Cig Neutron (Face-Off All-Stars winner), filmed by Thaddeus Bridwell, and video effects by Bardgett.

Dan Boecker says of the video, “‘Under Glass’ is inspired by Canada’s greatest cultural export: David Cronenberg. The protagonist sits in isolation, their only joy in life is plugging in a bioport and interfacing with a psychedelic PS1 hellscape where they are loved and adored.  Their body decays. They’re smiling.”

And co-directors Jonny Dunn and Caleb Bardgett offered this, “We worked with Dan last year on some really cool videos for one of his other projects, and so naturally we jumped at the chance to jam with the Wolf Parade boys on this video for ‘Under Glass.’ 

“We looked at Brian Yuzna’s SOCIETY and Cronenberg as spiritual references for the visuals, and theme-wise, the band wanted to tap into some end-of-times / isolation / addicted-to-screens stuff… This was mid-2019, preceding our eventual quarantine so it’s all more eerily-relevant now, seeing as how we’re all pretty alone and isolated, becoming very pale and more jacked-in.

“We really wanted to nail the body horror, which meant we needed a practical special FX master…but didn’t know anyone ourselves.  We hit up a buddy of ours, Eric Skodis, who knows all about that world, and he referred us to a genius named Cig Neutron, who turned out to be the absolute perfect brain for making the best and grossest oozy stuff we could imagine. We shot the video all in one day at Cig’s studio, with Thaddeus Bridwell as DP. 

“Keegan Kruse starred as our logged-on lonely video freak and was such a sport. He had to wear the make up all day, and it took him another half day just to peel all of the latex and make-up off of his face.

“We couldn’t be happier to see the video finally come out in a world where all of us are now trapped inside, living ‘Under Glass.’“

Thin Mind is available worldwide through Sub Pop, with the exception of Canada through Royal Mountain Records.

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NEWS : FRI, JAN 24, 2020 at 7:00 AM

Wolf Parade’s Fifth Full-Length ‘Thin Mind’ Is Out Today

Thin Mind, Wolf Parade’s fifth album is out now worldwide through Sub Pop, with the exception of Canada through Royal Mountain Records. The album, which features the singles “Forest Green,” “Julia Take Your Man Home,” and “Against the Day,”  was produced by John Goodmanson at Risque Disque on Vancouver Island, BC, mixed by Goodmanson at Bogroll Studios in Seattle, and mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel Mastering in Toronto. The album packaging features artwork from comic book artists Simon Roy and Hayleyglyphs throughout. 

LP orders through and select independent retailers in the U.S. will receive the limited Loser edition on clear vinyl with red and green swirls (while supplies last). Meanwhile, LP orders in the UK and Europe through select independent retailers will receive the limited Loser edition on yellow vinyl (while supplies last). 

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NEWS : THU, JAN 23, 2020 at 7:00 AM

Watch Wolf Parade’s “Julia Take Your Man Home” video directed by Chad VanGaalen

Wolf Parade is sharing official video for “Julia Take Your Man Home,” directed by multi-disciplinary artist and Sub Pop labelmate Chad VanGaalen. The song is from Thin Mind, the group’s forthcoming fifth album available tomorrow, Friday, January 24th worldwide through Sub Pop, with the exception of Canada through Royal Mountain Records. 

Wolf Parade’s international headlining touring schedule in support of Thin Mind begins Monday, January 27th in Portland, Oregon at Crystal Ballroom and runs through Sunday, March 15th in Dublin, Ireland at The Button Factory. Support for these shows will come from Land of Talk (January 27th-February 11th), Sub Pop/Royal Mountain label mates Jo Passed (February 12th-24th), and Joensuu 1685 (March 2nd-15th). Preceding the tour, the band has scheduled an instore performance at Sonic Boom Records in Seattle on January 26th. For more information on tickets, please visit

Thin Mind, which features the singles “Forest Green,”  the aforementioned “Julia Take Your Man Home,” and “Against the Day,”  was produced by John Goodmanson at Risque Disque on Vancouver Island, BC, mixed by Goodmanson at Bogroll Studios in Seattle, and mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel Mastering in Toronto. The album packaging features artwork from comic book artists Simon Roy and Hayleyglyphs throughout. 

LP orders through and select independent retailers in the U.S. will receive the limited Loser edition on clear vinyl with red and green swirls (while supplies last). Meanwhile, LP orders in the UK and Europe through select independent retailers will receive the limited Loser edition on yellow vinyl (while supplies last). There will also be a new T-shirt design available. 

Wolf Parade Tour dates

Jan. 26 - Seattle, WA - Sonic Boom Records Instore
Jan. 27 - Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom *
Jan. 29 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore *
Jan. 30 - Los Angeles, CA - The Regent Theater *
Jan. 31 - Solana Beach, CA - Belly Up Tavern *
Feb. 01 - Tucson, AZ - 191 Toole *
Feb. 03 - Austin, TX - Mohawk *
Feb. 04 - Dallas, TX - Trees *
Feb. 05 - Oklahoma City, OK - Tower Theatre *
Feb. 07 - Santa Fe, NM - Meow Wolf *
Feb. 08 - Englewood, CO - Gothic Theatre *
Feb. 09 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge *
Feb. 11 - Seattle, WA - The Showbox *
Feb. 12 - Vancouver, BC - Commodore **
Feb. 16 - Chicago, IL - Thalia Hall **
Feb. 17 - London, ON - London Music Hall **
Feb. 18 - Toronto, ON - Mod Club ** [Sold Out]
Feb. 21 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer **
Feb. 22 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club **
Feb. 23 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club **
Feb. 24 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Steel **
Mar. 02 - Utrecht, NL - Tivoli Vredenburg ^
Mar. 03 - Hamburg, DE - Knust ^
Mar. 04 - Berlin, DE - Gretchen ^
Mar. 06 - Cologne, DE - Club Volta ^
Mar. 07 - Zurich, CH - Bogen F ^
Mar. 08 - Luxembourg, LX - Rotondes ^
Mar. 09 - Paris, FR - Petit Bain ^
Mar. 10 - Brussels, BE - Orangerie @ Botanique ^
Mar. 11 - London, UK - The Dome ^
Mar. 13 - Bristol, UK - Thekla ^
Mar. 14 - Manchester, UK - YES (Pink Room) ^
Mar. 15 - Dublin, IE - The Button Factory ^

* w/ Land of Talk
** w/ Jo Passed
^ w/ Joensuu 1685

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