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Announcing The Sub Pop Podcast: Absolutely nothing sounds better.

The Sub Pop Podcast Debuts February 3, 2016 - Listen to the trailer for the first season and subscribe now!

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You might know Sub Pop Records as the medium-sized, Seattle-based record label that’s been going out of business since 1988. You might also know us as the label that put out, or continues to put out and just will not shut up about, records by artists such as Mudhoney, Nirvana, The Shins, Iron and Wine, The Postal Service, Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes, Beach House, Father John Misty, and… the list keeps going.

We’re now hoping to add another thing for you to know about Sub Pop…

We’ve made (and plan to continue to make) a podcast! Finally, you can hear the stories from inside, outside, and adjacent to Sub Pop, straight from this particular horse’s mouth. We’ll be bringing you conversations with our artists, people who work at or with Sub Pop, and anyone else who will talk to us. And, we’ll be doing much of this same sort of thing with the artists and people related to our sibling label Hardly Art Records.

It’s important to note here that when we say that “we” have made a podcast, we actually mean people here at Sub Pop Records. Hosted by Alissa Atkins (actual, long-time Sub Pop employee!) and Arwen Nicks (actual, albeit part-time and only recently hired, Sub Pop employee!), the Sub Pop Podcast is entirely self-produced and not something pitched to us by shifty entrepreneurs, or created in response to any real, discernible demand or marketing analytics. We have approached this in much the same way we approached starting the label: we really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, and we’re pretty pleased with ourselves by the results.

And somehow, unrelated to any current or past contractual obligations, we convinced an impressive array of folks to talk with us for this thing. Here we are referring to such revered figures from the wide world of entertainment as: King Tuff! Cat from THEESatisfaction! Jon Benjamin! Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses! Jonathan Meiburg from Shearwater! And eventually, we’re fairly certain, if we can pin him down, Mark Arm!

In the spirit of tell and show, you can listen to the trailer for the podcast at RIGHT NOW. If you like what you hear, you can subscribe (in iTunes or anything) right now, too. The first episode will be available Wednesday, February 3, and new episodes will be delivered weekly until April 2016 (at which point the first season will end).

SO! Visit to listen to the trailer, subscribe to the podcast, sign up for the podcast mailing list, or to get in touch with us.

The Sub Pop Podcast: Absolutely nothing sounds better.

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