NEWS : MON, JUL 21, 2014 at 12:00 AM

Luluc Take Over Seattle Starting Today

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Luluc’s beautiful Sub Pop debut, Passerby, is only about a week old, and the band are already planning their imminent takeover of their record label’s hometown. For a three-day trip, the Australian duo will have to be militant to keep their busy schedule on track. If you live in the greater (greatest?) Seattle area, you have a number of opportunities in which to catch them live. Below is a handy list of times and places, some virtual, some physical, in which you can see Luluc perform. Make it happen, they’re really not to be missed.

Monday, July 21st - Free in-store at 7pm at Easy Street 

Tuesday, July 22nd - Live on KEXP at 1pm

Tuesday, July 22nd - Fremont Abbey - get your tickets here

Wednesday, July 23rd - Free performance at the Sub Pop Airport Store at 5pm in the SeaTac Airport

Posted by Sam Sawyer