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The Notwist: A Beginner’s Guide Playlist + Tour Dates!

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On February 25th, German electro-wizards, The Notwist, released their Sub Pop debut, Close to the Glass, the band’s 8th full-length record. Over the years, the band has also been involved in very notable and sonically awesome side projects like Ms. John Soda and Lali Puna, among others. Between the seven prior Notwist records and the side projects, it’s a lot of material to get through, so for the sake of time, we decided to compile a playlist that we’re call, “The Notwist: A Beginner’s Guide”. We went through all of the band’s work, and picked a bunch of our favorites. So, if you’re new to The Notwist, or you’re an old fan, the Notwist Beginner’s Guide is for you.

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The Notwist are on tour, and if they happen to be playing near you, do yourself a favor and join them for the night, they’re pretty magical live.