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Chad VanGaalen: A Beginner’s Guide

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Chad VanGaalen’s fifth full-length record, Shrink Dust, came out just over two weeks ago. That’s five record on Sub Pop, which, puts him in rare company with the likes of Mudhoney (and maybe one or two other artists) for number of records out on our label. What that means: we LOVE working with Chad VanGaalen (and presumably that he at least tolerates us (Which, to be fair, is a challenge; we’re an insufferable lot)). We put out records by musicians whose work we love and who give us  with the goal of sharing that work with as many people possible, and in that spirit, we give you Chad VanGaalen: A Beginners Guide, a collection of Chad songs thoughtfully prepared by the employees of Sub Pop, some of our other artists who are fans of Chad, and some friends of the label that refused to be silenced on the matter of just how fucking wonderful the music of Chad VanGaalen is. With that said, take to one of these streaming music services and listen to Chad’s music, if you’re anything like us, you’ll feel enlightened.

Beats: on the @subpop profile.

Pick up a copy of Shrink Dust, Chad VanGaalen’s recently released triumph from us here at Sub Pop.

Posted by Sam Sawyer