NEWS : TUE, APR 1, 2014 at 12:00 AM

Hear Chad VanGaalen’s Transformative New Song, “Monster”

Sub Pop’s patron saint of weird, Chad VanGaalen, has a new record coming out on April 29th. It’s called Shrink Dust, and it’s predictably close to/if not perfect and also very weird (Chad’s nothing if not consistent–hear his other records for proof). If I were you, I’d do me (you) a real solid and take a quick three minute break from what I’m (you’re) doing and listen to “Monster” now in the embedded player.

If you pre-order Shrink Dust from us here at, you will receive a free booklet featuring a bunch of original drawings by Chad of characters doing frisbee moves from the science fiction movie he’s been making and of which this album draws it’s inspiration from. Loser Edition vinyl is now sold out!

Posted by Sam Sawyer