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NEWS : MON, JAN 27, 2014 at 12:00 AM

The Afghan Whigs Are Back on Sub Pop’s Roster!

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The truly awesome fact that the Afghan Whigs are releasing their first record in 16 years is exciting enough for us to lose our proverbial shit over; the fact that we, Sub Pop Records, have the honor of putting it out is enough for us to lose our literal shit over. (Gross? Sure. True? Maybe.) With that said, mark your calendars for April 15th, 2014 as the day that The Afghan Whigs make a very welcome return into all of our lives with Do to the Beast, their first record in 16 years! More details will be on the way very soon, so check back in. Until then, rejoice, the prodigal sons have returned.

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NEWS : WED, JAN 15, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Hear A New Track From Death Vessel

Island Intervals, the long-awaited follow up to Death Vessel’s uniquely wonderful 2008 Sub Pop debut, Nothing Is Precious Enough for Us, comes out on February 25th, 2014, and after almost a full six years later, not a moment too soon. Listen to the ethereal “Mercury Dime” on the embedded player.

Pre-order Island Intervals on LP, and you’ll receive the strictly limited, colored-vinyl Loser Edition of the record. Both CD and LP pre-orders from the Sub Pop Mega Mart will receive a free Death Vessel patch (both offers are on a “while supplies last” basis).

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NEWS : TUE, JAN 21, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Hear The Notwist’s Insanely Catchy Track “Kong” Now

The Notwist’s Sub Pop debut is still over a month out, which, given how truly great Closer To The Glass is, and how unbelievably excited we are about the fact that we actually get to work with The Notwist, we couldn’t be more excited to at least have a chance to share another track with you. “Kong”. CTTG’s third track, the aforementioned “Kong” is a massively catchy song, I can actually hear it coming from at least THREE different cubicles in the office right this moment. Hear for yourself with the help of the embedded player.

This seems like as good an opportunity as any to mention the fact that in addition to giving away tracks in YouTube and SoundCloud players, we also SELL the music that we are forever trying to show you guys about. Take this particular track for instance. It’s actually part of a larger collection of songs by The Notwist collectively titled Closer To The Glass, and is available for pre-sale on this very website. If you pre-order, from us, this record on CD or LP, you’ll receive a set of limited-edition art-prints featuring artwork inspired by the album cover. If you’re picking this up on vinyl, you’ll receive the limited, colored-vinyl Loser Edition of the LP. But, as is the case with all things limited, when they’re gone, they’re gone, so act quick!

Pre-order Closer To The Glass here.

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