NEWS : TUE, OCT 22, 2013 at 9:49 AM

Yes, THAT Comets on Fire.


Last seen in action (and very memorable action at that) at our own 20th anniversary festival back in 2008, the fine, furry gentle-dudes of Comets on Fire recently announced that they will be playing some shows in the UK this November, as part of the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. And now they have, even more recently, announced that they are adding an Oakland date (Nov. 26 at The White Horse Inn)!

With the exception of the glaring lack of a Seattle date (WTF, guys?), this is unequivocally great news. We’re biased, sure. We’ve put out a couple of Comets on Fire records and we’re still totally interested in selling them. But, we have seen this band, some of us a bunch of times, at least one of us on the very night his second son was due to be born, and it’s really impossible to describe, with mere words and the meager skill we seem to be able to muster in their use, just how much fun a Comets on Fire show is. And, right now, there are three more of them. We know you’ll make the right decision here.

There is a press release about all of this here.

And, the Comets on Fire blog has the straight dope from the band, including insight on how all of this came together.

Welcome back, guys. It’s been way too long.

Posted by Chris Jacobs