TUE, MAY 21, 2013 at 3:00 AM

Baptist Generals ‘Jackleg Devotional to the Heart’ + Condiminium Single Out Today

The Sub Pop warehouse has seen its share of hustle (not to mention bustle) this week as we’ve been shipping Baptist Generals’ first full length in a decade as well as a 7" single from St. Paul, Minnesota’s hardcore punk, mutated, and art-damaged heaviness that is the band Condominium.

Watch the tragic video for the Baptist Generals’s “Dog That Bit You” in the handy player above, and check out “Carl”, the filthy and oddly wondrous a-side from the new Condominium single here.

Pick up Jackleg Devotional to the Heart here.

And the new Condominium 7" single right here.

Posted by Sam Sawyer