THU, MAY 2, 2013 at 5:45 AM

Baptist Generals “Fly Candy Harvest Video” and Pre-order Info


Led by songwriter Chris Flemmons, The Baptist Generals of Denton, TX last released a full-length album in 2003 (about which and at the time, Pitchfork had the following to say… “The music is fragile and spiritual, sodden and boisterous. It’s as if the players are seeking out loosely sewn faultlines while trying to balance decay and redemption and to escape a permanent rupture in either direction”). Due out May 21st, Jackleg Devotional to the Heart, the Generals’ return to active duty is nothing short of triumphal. The Mountain Goats’ (with whom The Baptist Generals are touring in June) John Darnielle received the news “…like on an ‘unheard post-Marquee Moon pre-Adventure Television album discovered’ level…” Take “Dog That Bit You” as supporting evidence, or the very excellent “Broken Glass,” and now the video for the non-album track “Fly Candy Harvest.” And, though “Fly Candy Harvest” (featured here) did not suit the album thematically and is therefore not to be found there, we have made and are giving away a limited-edition, 7" flexi single of the song with pre-orders of the CD or LP from (the flexi comes with a high-fidelity download of the track, too!). More from the Sub Pop Limited-Edition Department: people who pre-order the LP will receive the limited, colored-vinyl Loser Edition of Jackleg Devotional to the Heart. But act quickly, because as soon as those are gone, we’re back to standard black vinyl. With your pre-order, you’ll also get instant access to a stream of the entire record. Because, you know what? It’s already been too g-d long since we’ve heard from The Baptist Generals.

Pre-order Jackleg Devotional to the Heart on CD or Loser Edition LP here.

Posted by Sam Sawyer