THU, APR 18, 2013 at 2:56 AM

New Daughn Gibson Album 7/9, Listen to a Track NOW (it’s very good is all)

The first peek into Daughn Gibson’s forthcoming Me Moan, his first full-length with our somewhat venerable Seattle label, Sub Pop Records, is the huge album-opener, “The Sound Of Law”, which opens the record like a huge, but somehow cordially invited, punch to the gut (listen in the player above).

Me Moan is now available for pre-order through this very website right here. If you pre-order Me Moan from your good friends here at Sub Pop, you’ll receive, at no extra charge, a limited-edition Daughn Gibson seven inch featuring the songs “Every Night I Fall in Love” b/w “Brandy and Daughn”. Daughn himself describes the single this way: "Way back in the year 2002, I produced two R&B singles for a teenage sister group caled “No Option” out of a small recording booth located in a ballerina studio. As payment I received a Korg D1600, and these two songs were among the first solo things I ever recorded on it." As you can surmise, this is likely going to be a rare piece in future record collections. We’re also going to be giving people who pre-order Me Moan on LP the limited, colored-vinyl Loser Edition. Such is the nature of limited-edition things, when they’re gone, they’re gone, so get your order in quickly!

Pre-order Me Moan here.

Note: If you pre-order Me Moan with other releases, your entire order won’t arrive until July 9th, so plan accordingly, please!

Posted by Sam Sawyer