COMMERCE : TUE, JUL 31, 2012 at 11:08 AM

New Sub Pop Slipmats


A couple of years ago, we made our first turntable slipmat. It was a huge success, and we quickly sold out of them. We’ve created two new designs on the same high-quality, heavy-duty felt, and upon review, we’re going to go ahead and use the original slipmat blog post with a few amendments to let you, esteemed reader, know all about them. Apologies in advance for the recycled post (it’s not how we typically treat readers of such high esteem (such as yourself)).

Let’s face it, one of the greatest problems facing our nation—our world, even—is an unadorned turntable platter. Records are scratched due to harsh platters—or worse yet, records aren’t scratched because of too much friction from platters (that was a hip hop DJ joke)! Well, the Sub Pop Records R&D team has been hard at work devising a plan to assuage this world-plaguing problem, and our solution is an efficient one: we take a technology that already exists, put our name on it, and sell it to you with a heavy-handed sales pitch. Only this time, we made two! So many options for turntable adornment/vinyl LP protection. Well, more accurately, two options.

We give to you two new Sub Pop slipmats, printed on heavy felt, these are a handsome addition to any turntable.

Red, World Domination Slipmat

Blue, Record Label Slipmat

Two turntables? No problem, we’ve bundled both slipmat designs together in an effort to save you money and to sell more things.