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King Tuff’s new record is called King Tuff.

On May 29 Sub Pop will release the fantastic self-titled second album from King Tuff on CD, LP and all DSPs. The 12-track album features the lead single “Bad Thing,” (which you can download in the widget above) along with standout tracks “Keep On Movin’,” “Alone and Stoned,” and “Baby Just Break.”

King Tuff will hit the road for a short album preview tour in March. He will make multiple appearances at SXSW in Austin, TX, including March 15 at Scoot Inn for the Thrasher/Converse party and March 16 for the Sub Pop label showcase at Red 7. King Tuff will follow up with two California dates: March 23 in San Francisco at Thee Parkside and March 24 in Santa Ana at The Observatory.

Full tour dates and track list below.

About King Tuff:
A more charismatic, enigmatic nomad of a furioso frontman/artist/guitar legend could not be imagined. You can’t make this shit up.

Grinning gold teeth behind blonde shades, in black, skeletal denim, with a studded “KING TUFF” across the shoulders where feral locks fall around his infamous “Sun Medallion.” With an acoustic guitar slung over the shoulder, King Tuff slinks through the abandoned halls of Detroit’s Malcolm X Academy. His baseball hat reads “VERMONT.” It’s the 4th of July… read the full King Tuff bio…

King Tuff
King Tuff

1. Anthem
2. Alone & Stoned
3. Keep On Movin’
4. Unusual World
5. Bad Thing
6. Loser’s Wall
7. Stranger
8. Baby Just Break
9. Stupid Superstar
10. Evergreen
11. Swamp of Love
12. Hit & Run

The word on King Tuff:
“King Tuff drives home a full album of modern classics that evoke all the early pop prime movers, yet it still holds its own personality and creates an overwhelming feeling of excitement that’s virtually impossible to shake.” Was Dead review] – Victim of Time

“Thomas’ vocal delivery feels so young, brash, and snotty. He’s on the prowl for a good time, and his music brings the necessary mood. The verses have a really driving quality to them, and the chorus showcases the perfect amount of release. It’s a stellar piece of garage pop.” [“Wild Desire” track review] – The Needle Drop

“King Tuff is what you put on when it’s supposed to be winter time but you wake up to consistent sixty degree days because it’s the end of the world.” [“Hole In My Head” track review] – Vice

Tour Dates
Mar. 15 — Austin, TX — Scoot Inn / SXSW Thrasher/Converse showcase
Mar. 16 – Austin, TX – The Grand Pool Hall (early)
Mar. 16 — Austin, TX — Red 7 / Sub Pop showcase (outdoor stage)
Mar. 23 — San Francisco, CA — Thee Parkside
Mar. 24 — Santa Ana, CA — The Observatory

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