FRI, JUL 29, 2011 at 10:02 AM

Chad VanGaalen: Canadian Artist


I don’t know if you people have noticed (which, really, is the “why” of this news piece…), but lately things are really coming up Chad VanGaalen.

Here’s what I’m trying to show you about:

Evidence number the first:
Very recently our friends at Lifetime Collective put together a very excellent new episode of their video zine, in which they Spend an Evening with Chad VanGaalen. This thing is interesting, entertaining and a very good time, not unlike Chad himself.


Evidence the one after the first one:
Starting next Tuesday, August 2nd and running through August 21st there is an exhibition of Chad’s art at the Andenken Gallery in Amsterdam. The show is called Life is Butter Dreamer: An Enjoyable Art Show by Chad VanGaalen. If you live in or can get to Amsterdam for this thing, there’s really no imaginable reason why you would not attend.

And then there is also this third pile of evidence:
Starting next Wednesday, August 3rd, Chad begins a European tour that runs through August 20th and takes him to the UK, Germany, Sweden, Germany, Croatia, the Czezh Republic, and probably some other countries that I am right now neglecting to include here because this list is already kind of long! Here are all of Chad’s confirmed tour dates. It is worth noting here that he will also be doing some as-yet-unannounced touring on the west coast of the United States in October of this year.

No doubt you see what we mean.

Chad VanGaalen’s new album is called Diaper Island.

Posted by Chris Jacobs