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Niki & The Dove Release “The Fox” 12”

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Swedish pop duo Niki and The Dove, featuring Malin Dahlström and Gustaf Karlöf, are pleased to announce the release of their single The Fox, out on Sub Pop Records June 14th.

“We got inspired to write “The Fox” when we heard this interview with this Swedish book author on the radio, the author describes a technique for insomnia where you picture a meadow with a hill, AND at the top of the hill is a tree that a fox lives under, you walk up the fox and tell her all your worries and fears, the fox then digs a hole, buries the worries and lays on top. Then you are able to fall asleep" Niki and The Dove

The Fox 12" will feature on side a. The Fox, side b. Gentle Roar and b2. Somebody (Drum Machine Version)

Since getting together in February 2010, Malin and Gustaf have been busy writing together, figuring out just how pop music works and then discovering new ways to break it. Creating song that are full of magic and light but with an unsettling darkness hidden beneath their surface. Their first single “DJ, Ease My Mind”/“Under the Bridges” released on leading UK independent label Moshi Moshi, was one of the most striking debuts of the year, catching the attention of everyone from Artrocker and NME through to The Sunday Times, who declared the single could “…be the two greatest alt-pop songs of 2010.” And if “DJ, Ease My Mind,” revealed a band with a precociously fully-formed sound, their self-released follow up “Mother Protect” shows that Niki and The Dove are truly poised for great things. A riotous collision of barely constrained electronic pop overlaid with Malin’s distinctive, glacial vocals, “Mother Protect,” confirmed Niki and The Dove as a truly unique talent and ones to watch.

Watch video for “DJ, Ease My Mind” and “Under The Bridges” here

Niki and The Dove will be touring the UK this May:
May 13 – Brighton, Great Escape Festival
May 17 – Glasgow, Playroom, The Arches
May 18 – Leeds, Above Average, Nation Of Shopkeepers
May 21- Liverpool, Moshi Moshi Party, Zanzibar Club
May 24- London, Electrowerkz
May 28 – Bristol (dottodot festival)
May 29 – Nottingham (dottodot festival)
May 30 – Manchester (dottodot festival)
June 12 – Rockness, Scotland

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