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THU, FEB 3, 2011 at 1:48 AM

What gets Dum Dum Girls High?

Dum Dum Girls are releasing a new EP on March 1st entitled He Gets Me High. You can now listen to the title track off the ladies’ new EP by entering your email address in the widget above. Just do it, you know you want to.

All in the name of fun, the band are currently asking fans to send them pictures of whatever or whoever gets them high. Send your contribution to and you could see it show up in a tour booklet they’re putting together.

Over the next few months, the band will tour all over North America and Europe. Here’s the full list of tour dates.

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WED, FEB 2, 2011 at 1:15 AM

Listen to new Low track and then see them on the road!

Longstanding Duluth, MN trio Low will release their latest full-length record, C’mon, on April 12th, 2011. Starting today, you can listen to and download “Try to Sleep,” the lead track from the upcoming album (see above widget to download track.) You can also see the cover art for C’mon, by clicking here. While your at it, you can pre-order the bands new record now, via our site. Click here

C’mon was recorded in an old church in Duluth and mixed in Hollywood with producer Matt Beckley working alongside the band. Singer Alan Sparhawk describes C’mon simply as “Warm, pretty, large like Nashville without the country. Mim and I are talking to each other in the lyrics, sometimes it’s not pretty, but it’s as honest as love.”

Low’s music recently reached a new audience via a rather unmistakable voice. On his 2010 solo album Band of Joy, Robert Plant covered two Low songs from their 2005 release The Great Destroyer garnering a Grammy nomination for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance for his interpretation of “Silver Rider.”

On March 16th, during this year’s South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, TX, Low will perform an intimate and undoubtedly memorable show at St. David’s Sanctuary which will serve as the first of a 28-date world tour in support of the new album. Click here for a full list of dates and stay tuned for more SXSW-related show information.

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TUE, FEB 22, 2011 at 2:57 AM

Papercuts NPR Exclusive First Listen


Papercuts new album Fading Parade is out on March 1st. The kind folks at NPR are streaming the album for your listening pleasure this week as part of their Exclusive First Listen series! You can also pre-order Fading Parade and receive a bonus 3 song CDR and a few stickers. Good deal right?!
And as if all this love for Fading Parade from NPR wasn’t flattering enough, Papercuts are also featured on the Urban Outfitters LSTN #13 sampler along with fellow Sub Pop artists Mr. Heavenly, J Mascis and Mogwai. You can grab that here.

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MON, FEB 7, 2011 at 2:14 AM

Fruit Bats are all up in the movies these days


The trailer for Ceremony (the first of a couple of films soon to be released scored by the Fruit Bats own, Eric Johnson) has just come out. It not so coincidentally also features the title track from the Fruit Bats’ last album, The Ruminant Band.

You can see the trailer and read a little more about the movie on the Fruit Bats site here

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WED, FEB 16, 2011 at 9:35 AM

Sad News about Rick Kulwicki, of The Fluid


Rick Kulwicki, a guitar player for veteran Sub Pop band, The Fluid, has passed away.

Details of his death are fragmentary, but he died at home and apparently of natural causes. He was 49 years old.

Besides being an all-around great guy, fine guitar player and devoted father, Ricky was simply one of the friendliest people that I’ve had the honor of knowing. He played in a number of bands in his hometown of Denver, but The Fluid were the band with the greatest recognition.

The Fluid recorded two albums, (Clear Black Paper and Roadmouth) one EP (Glue) and two singles for Sub Pop, including a split Singles Club single with Nirvana. The Fluid also had a track (“Is It Day I’m Seeing”) on Sub Pop 200. (Their debut album, the wonderfully assaultive Punch ‘n’ Judy, came out domestically on Rayon Records.) After a lengthy hiatus, The Fluid roared back to action in time for SP20 in 2008. Their performances leading up to the festival and at the festival itself were commanding and timeless.

As Sub Pop gleans information we will provide updates as warranted. We love you, Ricky. —jp

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WED, FEB 23, 2011 at 7:50 AM

Let’s Save KUSF!


As you may have already heard, on January 18th, the doors of KUSF were closed without warning. For those who don’t know, KUSF was/is a free form and influential non-commercial radio station operating out of San Francisco since 1963. It came as a complete and total surprise to all staff and DJs that the station was sold—they were literally locked out with all of their belongings and music inside. The University of San Francisco axed the broadcast of KUSF that day and sold the license and frequency to a classical music broadcast originating in Southern California.

This was a total tragedy for everyone involved, but there’s still a chance to lend your support. KUSF has submitted a resolution to the San Francisco board of supervisors, they’ve petitioned the FCC to halt the sale of the station, and they are raising money for legal defense in the proceedings. They will also need to buy back their music library, and if all else fails, they will make efforts to find a new transmitter, frequency, and licensing.

You can help KUSF, and support a station that has long championed and helped cultivate independent music in the bay area. The deadline to petition the FCC is 2.25.11, so you still have time. Visit SaveKUSF online for a petition outline. You can also simply donate to the cause here .

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