THU, SEP 30, 2010 at 7:58 AM

Free 5 Song CDR with your Kelley Stoltz Pre-order (lucky you)!


Here at the magnificent Sub Pop Records HQ, we have excitedly circled October 12th on our calendars. We are impatiently marking a giant X on each spent day, eagerly anticipating this fateful day in our not all that distant future. I presume to know you are thinking: “What makes October 12th so special anyway?” That is a fair question. And I will tell you. October 12th is the day on which we at Sub Pop Records have the great privilege of presenting you with To Dreamers, the new record by Kelley Stoltz! Now you see what we are so excited about!

The good news does not stop there, friends! We are also pleased to let you know that if you pre-order To Dreamers by October 12th, along with your CD or LP, you will also be given a limited-edition CDR featuring 5 songs by this same Kelley Stoltz that can only be described as “currently unavailable anywhere else.” So, a To Dreamers pre-order will get you: the CD or LP (the vinyl configuration has an extra track not found on the CD, called “Technicolor Man,” and includes digital download of the entire album), the limited-edition CDR, some stickers, and immediate access to a stream of the entire album. You are welcome!

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