TUE, SEP 28, 2010 at 9:32 AM

Pleased to Meet Me: the Kelley Stoltz edition

We have had the decidedly good fortune of working with and getting to know (verrrry intimately…) Kelley Stoltz over the past several years and albums. And, in addition to being just remarkably, borderline infuriatingly, talented, we have found him to be a uniquely funny, endlessly charming guy who is conversant in all manner of interesting subjects, from home recording to kumquats.

So with this in mind, in August of 2010 we sent the guys from YoursTruly to meet up with Kelley in their shared hometown of San Francisco. They successfully got him to talk about his thoughts on music and the process of working on his upcoming record, To Dreamers (Sub Pop, 10/12/10). We found the end result to be a pretty spot-on look at what we love about both Kelley and his music. Which is to say, we like it.

As a result, in what may or may not wind up being a somewhat, semi-regular feature here on the Sub Pop web concern, this video is now the inaugural installment of PLEASED TO MEET ME, wherein we will introduce you to people we already know (who, typically, also happen to record for the Sub Pop label) and who, really, you should know too.

We hope you enjoy.