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Robert Plant is super into Low. No big deal.


On September 14th, Robert Plant is releasing a new album of covers called Band of Joy on which he performs two (2) songs by the band Low. Those two songs are “Monkey” and “Silver Rider” from Low’s album The Great Destroyer

This is the same Low whose last two albums, the 2007 release Drums and Guns and 2005’s The Great Destroyer we at Sub Pop released. And, this is the same Robert Plant who was in Led Zeppelin.

No big deal.

Rolling Stone magazine had the following to say about Band of Joy

“…The two most striking songs are the most left-field, both penned by the brooding, husband-wife indie-rock band Low. “Silver Rider” is a glittering dirge, another showcase for [Patty] Griffin, who’s such a good songwriter that it’s easy to forget what a great singer she is. Plant sings “Monkey” almost as a whisper. “It’s a suicide/Shut up and drive,” he snarls, in what sounds like the opening scene of a David Lynch film. It’s as menacingly restrained as anything he’s ever uttered."

You can hear a stream of Band of Joy in its entirety over at NPR’s First Listen feature on the album. (The photo of Robert Plant that accompanies this post was taken from that NPR First Listen page, and is credited to Gregg Delman, by the way.)

AND! Because, like Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, we are great fans of the band Low, we are giving away free mp3 downloads of their original versions of both Silver Rider and Monkey so that you can see/hear/feel for yourself just how really, amazingly good these songs and this band are. You can also stream both of these songs through the Soundcloud player below…

Low has some upcoming tour dates in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and EU, and some as-yet-to-be-confirmed dates on the west coast of the US in December. You should really go see them.

Low tour dates
Oct 18 King’s Arms, Auckland, New Zealand
Oct 19 San Francisco Bath House, Wellington, New Zealand
Oct 21 Melbourne International Arts Festival, Melbourne, Australia
Oct 22 Factory Theatre (Sydney), Marrickville, Australia
Oct 23 Bakery, The (Perth), Perth, Australia
Nov 15 Junction, The, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Nov 16 Brudenell Social, Leeds, United Kingdom
Nov 17 St John the Baptist Church, Coventry, United Kingdom
Nov 19 Crossing Border Festival (The Hague), Den Haag, Netherlands
Nov 21 Crossing Border Festival (Antwerp), Antwerp, Belgium
Nov 23 Debaser Malmo, Malmo, Sweden
Nov 27 Cedar Cultural Centre, Minneapolis, MN

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