FRI, JUL 23, 2010 at 10:50 AM

Introducing Rock & Roll Band, Jaill!


The Midwest has given us so much throughout history: The Replacements, Devo, Husker Du, Prince, Low, Brett Favre, the corndog (I assume), other foods on a stick, and now, rock and roll band Jaill. Jaill hail from Milwaukee, WI, and like much from the Midwest, they are mind-bogglingly awesome. On July 27th, Sub Pop is releasing Jaill’s second full-length, That’s How We Burn, on CD and LP (digital download included with the LP).

When you pre-order That’s How We Burn, we’ll give you a Jaill patch handmade by the band themselves (on what they claim is vintage material). With this patch, your jean jacket will never be more gussied-up. We’ll also give you a few stickers and a link to stream the entire record right away so you won’t have to wait for your order to arrive to hear it. The Midwest is a bountiful place, not infrequently referred to as “the nation’s breadbasket.” With us at Sub Pop, Jaill and their That’s How We Burn record album, this is now more true than ever, or something. Please buy Jaill’s That’s How We Burn from us today.

Pre-order That’s How We Burn here

Download a couple free Jaill tracks here

Posted by Sam Sawyer