MON, JUL 12, 2010 at 9:47 AM

Sub Pop Radio Fan Art


I do radio promotion here at Sub Pop, and to aid in my promoting, I send out newsletters every week to all of the college and community radio music directors out there in RadioLand.

Other than promoting bands and talking endlessly about myself in these newsletters, I hold contests so that I have exciting email to look forward to throughout the day. For instance, last month, I had kids Photoshop themselves with a Sub Pop band of their choice. A cool kid named Jace Brittain from a station in Los Angeles called KSCR submitted members of the station riding dinosaurs with Avi Buffalo. I’m still not over that one. Pretty cool, eh?

The past couple of weeks, I’ve had people send in straight up drawings, and I’ve been super pleased with the results. Maybe you will be too. Or maybe you’ll even be inspired to email me some of your own Sub Pop fan art. (DO IT and I’ll make a new blog post AND the winner will receive all of July’s new releases!

Descriptions of art above:

*Jace Brittain of KSCR (Los Angeles) – Station Members with Avi Buffalo, medium: Photoshop

*Adrian Zongrone of WUSC (Colubia, SC) – Adrian with CocoRosie, medium: Photoshop

*Paul Gregory Rice of WTHS (Holland, MI) – Brian from Blitzen Trapper, medium: Paint

*Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein (what a name!) of KUMD (Duluth, MN) – Drew from Blitzen Trapper and a Smart Dog, medium: pen and ink

*Erica Zhang of UCLA Radio (Los Angeles) – Marty from Blitzen Trapper, medium: pen and ink AND Wolf Parade Plays Dress Up, medium: pen and ink

Posted by Sasha Morgan