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News from 7/2010

FRI, JUL 23, 2010 at 4:42 AM

Three Year Old Dum Dum Fan!

This lovely young lady is named Hearty McDonough, and her dad is in for a world of pain ten years from now. Let’s pretend they don’t grow up and start dating and just watch this again instead.

Posted by Lacey Swain

THU, JUL 22, 2010 at 8:07 AM

Proof that we did in fact turn 22


Sometimes it’s just nice to have proof that certain events actually took place (especially if your memory is as unreliable as ours). Did I really flash Vanilla Ice on my walk home from the bar? Did I really, prior to seeing/flashing Vanilla Ice, participate in a pie eating contest and then puke on him, post-flashing? Sometimes without filmic documentation of events, it’s as if those events never happened.

Luckily for you/us, we have proof that we did in fact turn 22! You can now see for yourself the level of sonic debauchery that members of Jaill, Avi Buffalo, Happy Birthday, our staff and good friends in Seattle, all enjoyed without experiencing (or perhaps admitting to) an icky hangover or intense cotton mouth. Click here to see what happens when we at Sub Pop throw a 22nd birthday party for ourselves!

And, speaking of Jaill … Their new record, That’s How We Burn, comes out this Tuesday, July 27th! Starting now and until the album’s release on Tuesday, we are giving you the opportunity to stream the record in its entirety. Click here to jam on the band’s new record. Should you like what you hear (and trust us, you will) you can pre-order the album here. In addition to your copy of That’s How We Burn, you will also receive a free Jaill patch handmade by the same talented, nimble hands which made this unquestionably buyable record. And by that we mean the band made these themselves!

One last thing, Avi Buffalo, Jaill and Happy Birthday are all on the road or gearing up to head out on tour. Click here to see if any of these bands or other bands currently recording under the Sub Pop imprint of moderate quality will be passing through your town.

Never forget, Sub Pop has a boner for Sub Pop.


ps) Thanks to Patrick Richardson Wright for this video!

Posted by Bekah Zietz

FRI, JUL 23, 2010 at 10:50 AM

Introducing Rock & Roll Band, Jaill!


The Midwest has given us so much throughout history: The Replacements, Devo, Husker Du, Prince, Low, Brett Favre, the corndog (I assume), other foods on a stick, and now, rock and roll band Jaill. Jaill hail from Milwaukee, WI, and like much from the Midwest, they are mind-bogglingly awesome. On July 27th, Sub Pop is releasing Jaill’s second full-length, That’s How We Burn, on CD and LP (digital download included with the LP).

When you pre-order That’s How We Burn, we’ll give you a Jaill patch handmade by the band themselves (on what they claim is vintage material). With this patch, your jean jacket will never be more gussied-up. We’ll also give you a few stickers and a link to stream the entire record right away so you won’t have to wait for your order to arrive to hear it. The Midwest is a bountiful place, not infrequently referred to as “the nation’s breadbasket.” With us at Sub Pop, Jaill and their That’s How We Burn record album, this is now more true than ever, or something. Please buy Jaill’s That’s How We Burn from us today.

Pre-order That’s How We Burn here

Download a couple free Jaill tracks here

Posted by Sam Sawyer

TUE, JUL 6, 2010 at 10:41 AM

KEXP Seattle Center Proposal


From the fine folks over at KEXP

Wednesday, July 7th, show your support for KEXP at a Community Meeting at the Seattle Center House.

KEXP is one of nine organizations that recently submitted proposals to redevelop the Fun Forest area at Seattle Center. Our vision for the area includes green space, hundreds of free in-studio performances, an artists lounge, a busking program for local musicians and more.

To learn more about our proposal—and to make your voice heard—please join us at Seattle Center on Wednesday, July 7 at the Center House. Stop by at 4:30 to visit our info table and stick around to share your thoughts at the public forum from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Help KEXP get the word out: Community Meeting Facebook Event

There’s more info on the KEXP blog, including a link to their proposal, here.

Posted by Chris Jacobs

TUE, JUL 27, 2010 at 6:40 AM

Jaill That’s How We Burn Out Today + New Video


Milwaukee pop rockers Jaill’s debut record That’s How We Burn, is out today! Jam-packed with infectious hooks and grooves, it’s guaranteed to make you want to fling your body into a love fest of indie rock dance.
Because we at Sub Pop learned a long time ago that sharing is caring, we are allowing you the opportunity to stream Jaill’s entire record until tomorrow, Wednesday July 28. Click here to listen. If you pre-order That’s How We Burn by today (July 27th), you’ll receive a free Jaill patch handmade by the same glorious hands who made this unquestionably buy-able record.Pre-order That’s How We Burn!..
Ever wonder what a beach blanket hand-jive, with aliens, flying saucers, palm trees and 4 dudes from the Midwest would look like? Well watch Jaill’s new video for “The Stroller” to find out.
Lastly, the band will be heading out on the road, opening a slew of dates with fellow mid-westerners The Hold Steady. The full list of Jaill tour dates is here.
More information on Jaill can be found right here.

Posted by Bekah Zietz

MON, JUL 12, 2010 at 9:47 AM

Sub Pop Radio Fan Art


I do radio promotion here at Sub Pop, and to aid in my promoting, I send out newsletters every week to all of the college and community radio music directors out there in RadioLand.

Other than promoting bands and talking endlessly about myself in these newsletters, I hold contests so that I have exciting email to look forward to throughout the day. For instance, last month, I had kids Photoshop themselves with a Sub Pop band of their choice. A cool kid named Jace Brittain from a station in Los Angeles called KSCR submitted members of the station riding dinosaurs with Avi Buffalo. I’m still not over that one. Pretty cool, eh?

The past couple of weeks, I’ve had people send in straight up drawings, and I’ve been super pleased with the results. Maybe you will be too. Or maybe you’ll even be inspired to email me some of your own Sub Pop fan art. (DO IT and I’ll make a new blog post AND the winner will receive all of July’s new releases!

Descriptions of art above:

*Jace Brittain of KSCR (Los Angeles) – Station Members with Avi Buffalo, medium: Photoshop

*Adrian Zongrone of WUSC (Colubia, SC) – Adrian with CocoRosie, medium: Photoshop

*Paul Gregory Rice of WTHS (Holland, MI) – Brian from Blitzen Trapper, medium: Paint

*Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein (what a name!) of KUMD (Duluth, MN) – Drew from Blitzen Trapper and a Smart Dog, medium: pen and ink

*Erica Zhang of UCLA Radio (Los Angeles) – Marty from Blitzen Trapper, medium: pen and ink AND Wolf Parade Plays Dress Up, medium: pen and ink

Posted by Sasha Morgan