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FRI, MAY 21, 2010 at 4:43 AM

Blitzen Trapper Beverage Koozy (or cozy, either’s cool) With Your Pre-order of the new CD/LP


You know what goes great with a summer record? A cold beverage. Sometimes, maybe several cold beverages. With our June 15th release of their remarkable new album Destroyer of the Void, Blitzen Trapper has you covered on both! I presume to know what you are now asking yourself: “Sure, I get it about their awesome new record, but how in the heck will Blitzen Trapper provide me with a cold beverage?” Like this: when you pre-order Destroyer of the Void, you will receive, for free, a very handsome, specially made Blitzen Trapper beverage koozie! (Depending on where you’re from, you may know it as a “cozy”; I’m from Minnesota and we call them by their correct name.)

So, let’s recap! Not only will you get a great record (Destroyer of the Void, on either CD or LP w/ download code), some stickers, immediate access to a stream of the entire record upon pre-ordering (so you don’t have to wait for it to show up in the mail to hear it), but you’ll also be able to maintain optimal summer beverage temperature in an exceptionally stylish manner! All of this thanks to the one and only Blitzen Trapper band of Portland, OR (and also us here at Sub Pop). Thanks Blitzen Trapper! Thanks us!

Pre-order Destroyer of the Void here.

Download a free track from the new album here.

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THU, MAY 27, 2010 at 9:47 AM

Sasquatch! 2010


The Sasquatch! Music Festival is this weekend at the Gorge in eastern Washington and Vetiver, The Fruit Bats, Avi Buffalo, and No Age are playing! A couple years ago one of our publicists streaked the main stage while the Shins were playing, and I’m hoping that the publicity department brings the tradition back this year. Keep a watchful eye on the stage while any of these four bands play and maybe (hopefully!) Kate or Bekah will give you an eyeful. In the meantime, please enjoy this Sasquatch themed sampler, courtesy of your good pals here at Sub Pop.

Posted by Lacey Swain

TUE, MAY 25, 2010 at 7:50 AM

Support Hollow Earth Radio!


A little over three years ago my sister Amber Morgan and her boyfriend Garrett Kelly started a humble online radio station out of their basement and called it Hollow Earth Radio. The station has since grown tremendously from basement to attic, 4 volunteers to 50, and have, in addition to broadcasting an eclectic array of music, hosted all sorts of rad events for the community. They put on a concert series called Magma Fest every March, organize found sound workshops for kids, and much more.

Now the station is gettin’ too big for it’s britches (britches being their attic) and have found a rad public space to call home! (Conveniently located next to my hot fiance’s bicycle shop in the best neighborhood in Seattle—the Central District.)

Anywho, they need a chunk of change to finance the renovations to the space, so they decided to use a website called Kickstarter. For those of you unfamiliar, it’s a site where artists, musicians, nonprofits, etc. can make a page stating their cause and why they need money. They then set a goal (in HER’s case it is $3500) and have people pledge money to back the project.

HER has 45 days to raise that money, and in the end, if they make it to the goal, everyone’s debit cards are swiped at the same time and they get the money. If they don’t reach the goal, they don’t get the money.

Go to the site, watch their cool video, pledge money, and support DIY radio! Or at least check out the website. Tons of bands use it as a tool to raise money for touring and to put albums out on vinyl!

click me to check it out!

P.S. I DJ a show on Hollow Earth every other Wednesday from 7 to 9 PM PST called Salt of the Earth. Tune in!

Posted by Sasha Morgan

THU, MAY 6, 2010 at 6:00 AM

That’s What She Said–An Interview With David Cross


We recently held a contest to find out what kind of info you guys wanted to know about David Cross, and all we got were a lot of questions wanting to know shit about why he’s such a dick or about his relationship with Amber Tamblyn. You know, the thing is, David and I have had some really great times together, as you can see from our photos. Also, he’s a really great, sweet guy who cares a lot about animals, presidents, and how condescending Whole Foods is. I had the opportunity, while David and I were at Medieval Times in Schaumberg, Illinois (holler!), to kick back over a bowl of Dragon’s Blood (aka tomato) soup and find out just who he really is. Let’s meet David!

LS: David, first off I’m going to ask you some fan questions that were submitted. Later on I will ask you my own, but here’s what the fans want to know:

Q: My 7-year-old loves to read the jokes from the back of Highlights Magazine and “tell” them back to me. Is this the path most professionals follow to become comedians?

DC: If by most you mean at least slightly more than 50 % then, yes. The rest of us started by stealing material from the kids who memorized the stuff from Highlights. P.S. They still make that thing? I remember reading that when I was at the medicare office waiting room with the other poor, white trash kids. And I’m an oldie! [Goofus and Gallant taught me all my manners. –ed]

Q: Do your parents like your jokes?

DC: My mom does yeah. Well to be more precise I’m not sure about the jokes per-se but she thinks that the fact that I’m a successful comic is “neat”. [It is neat! –ed]

Q: Who inspires you? What are you listening to alot of lately on your IPod?

DC: I am inspired by my friends and girlfriend more than any specific person. Although right now I’ve been watching Shameless (a British show) on dvd, catching up on it and I find it very inspiring. As a tv show. As art. I can’t wait to see how they fuck up the American version. Should be painful. I am listening to Dum Dum Girls (right now as I type this) old Goldie, still listening to Blueprint 3, Avi Buffalo, and when I’m walking home buzzed from the Pub I’ll listen to some old mod stuff — The Jam, Buzzcocks, Fall type stuff from my teenage years. I figure since I’m in London now…Oh! And this really great Nick Cave bootleg I got at the Portobello Market. That too.

Q: What’s the story behind douche chill?

DC: If I remember correctly one of the writers brought that up in the writers room as a commonly used phrase and every other person was like, “what the fuck are you talking about? I’ve never heard that” and everyone made fun of him. I am completely wrong about that though. [OK then! -ed]

Q: Do you and Bob still get along? And if not, why?

DC: Yeah! We’re very good friends. Apart from the thing with getting him banned from the Arclight Cinema for life we’re cool. [This is probably a really, really good story. –ed]

LS: Okay, well those questions were just great—thanks, readers! Now, David, I have a few things I want to know about you, so listen up. What’s your daily routine when you’re not working? Do you hang out at your house mostly or do you go out a bunch? Are you a breakfast eater?

DC: If I’m in NY I go out quite a bit. Part of that is having a dog, but even before I did I would just wake up, have a cup of coffee, check my email, scan the news, and then just head out on foot or bike with no real plan. It’s one of the best things about NY. And you invariably end up doing or experiencing something fun. If I’m in LA I mope around the area I’m in usually wishing I was back east. Now that there is a Trader Joe’s in the area (in NY) there is literally nothing better about being in LA. I’m annoying like that.

LS: I’ve read that you attended a performing arts high school—what was that like?

DC: It was a life-saver. And I mean that literally. I probably would’ve dropped out of high school and headed to NY and who knows what kind of trouble I would’ve gotten in then. I often credit moving from the suburbs to the city and going from my awful upper middle-class, Baptist, white jock-centric high school (Crestwood High) to this cool, very diverse in every sense school where P.E. was replaced by theater movement and shit like that with, perhaps, saving my life.

LS: Were you fairly popular?

DC: Somewhat. I think people knew who I was because I was a smart-ass but I wouldn’t say I was all that popular. [Notorious D.I.C. –ed.]

LS: Do you think you would’ve been a wildly different person if you had just gone to a regular school?

DC: I think I would have done things more out of anger and desperation and that sometimes isn’t the best motivation for doing things. I probably would have acted out in increasingly self-harmful ways. [That just kinda happened naturally in your adult life, right? –ed]

LS: Did you do drugs in high school?

DC: Not a lot but I would get high if anything. I started getting high at about 13. Occasionally drink but mostly weed. Not that much though. I was so bored it made life slightly more interesting. [God, tell me about it. –ed.] I didn’t try acid or mushrooms until college. And then I tried a LOT of acid and mushrooms.

LS: What are some hobbies of yours? Do you go to the gym?

DC: When I’m in LA I make myself go to the gym because I wouldn’t get much exercise outside of the occasional hike if I didn’t. In NY I walk or bike for miles a day. Every day. Are you equating going to the gym with a hobby? What a shitty hobby! [I’m fat, so I just assume it must be a hobby because why the hell else would you do it? Well, I guess to not be fat, but you know what I mean. –ed] I collect baseball cards sort of. In a rich persons way where I just buy them and put the cool ones up on my “baseball card shelf” in my office. I’m not a hardcore completest. What else? I like going to the different Scientology Centers at each city I go to. [Have you been to the one in Seattle? It’s a weird spot off Aurora, next to all the hookers. –ed.] And I like Scrapbooking the life of Anita Fargimount of Cedar Point, IL. [You are making that up. –ed]

LS: I have a list of some things here that are generally regarded as being funny. Please tell me if you find these things funny. Number one is Shreds

DC: FUCK YEAH! [Yeah, right? I mean no one could not like this. =ed]

LS: Number two is Drunk History

DC: Yes please! [Also, the best other thing on the internet. Are you in one? You should be. -ed]

LS: Numero tres is Lolcats

DC: No thank you. [I think it’s a lady thing. And also an effeminate man thing. –ed]

LS: Four time’s a charm with Fail blog

DC: Sure, why not? [I only like the photos, not the videos. –ed]

LS: We’re almost done, and I think this could go either way, how do you feel about Daniel Tosh?

DC: Yes, I like him and the show. He’s kinda the perfect host for it. [Really?! I am pleasantly surprised by your response! I saw him once a loooong time ago. He opened for Dave Chappelle at some comedy club in Austin. I think the logo is shaped like a chili pepper on wheels. This was in 1998 or so. –ed]

LS: And finally, my favorite show and yours…America’s Funniest Home Videos!

DC: Ummmmmm…… [You obviously are not smoking that much pot these days. –ed]

Thanks for your time, David. I have so much more that I want to know now, so maybe we can do a round two at the Scientology Center next time you are in town. OH SHIT! I almost forgot! Be sure to pick up David’s new album and DVD Bigger and Blackerer out May 25th!

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WED, MAY 19, 2010 at 9:14 AM

What’s That Song? (#2)


Have you seen the new promo campaign for the hit HBO series Entourage? It features the song “Spanish Sahara” off the new Foals album Total Life Forever out now on iTunes and on CD/2xLP on June 15th. Watch the Entourage promo piece here. Order the album here. See the official video for the song here. Read more about Foals here.

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TUE, MAY 11, 2010 at 4:45 AM

What’s That Song?


Have you seen that new commercial for the BMW 3 Series? It features the song “Cinco de Mayo” by Golden Triangle off their new record Double Jointer out on Hardly Art. Get the record here and see the spot here

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