TUE, MAY 25, 2010 at 7:50 AM

Support Hollow Earth Radio!


A little over three years ago my sister Amber Morgan and her boyfriend Garrett Kelly started a humble online radio station out of their basement and called it Hollow Earth Radio. The station has since grown tremendously from basement to attic, 4 volunteers to 50, and have, in addition to broadcasting an eclectic array of music, hosted all sorts of rad events for the community. They put on a concert series called Magma Fest every March, organize found sound workshops for kids, and much more.

Now the station is gettin’ too big for it’s britches (britches being their attic) and have found a rad public space to call home! (Conveniently located next to my hot fiance’s bicycle shop in the best neighborhood in Seattle—the Central District.)

Anywho, they need a chunk of change to finance the renovations to the space, so they decided to use a website called Kickstarter. For those of you unfamiliar, it’s a site where artists, musicians, nonprofits, etc. can make a page stating their cause and why they need money. They then set a goal (in HER’s case it is $3500) and have people pledge money to back the project.

HER has 45 days to raise that money, and in the end, if they make it to the goal, everyone’s debit cards are swiped at the same time and they get the money. If they don’t reach the goal, they don’t get the money.

Go to the site, watch their cool video, pledge money, and support DIY radio! Or at least check out the website. Tons of bands use it as a tool to raise money for touring and to put albums out on vinyl!

click me to check it out!

P.S. I DJ a show on Hollow Earth every other Wednesday from 7 to 9 PM PST called Salt of the Earth. Tune in!

Posted by Sasha Morgan