FRI, JAN 15, 2010 at 1:46 AM

If you have an Album Leaf tattoo, you’re gonna wanna read this


Most of you reading this are probably not aware, but there are a lot of really intense (and mightily appreciated I might add) Album Leaf fans who have chosen to make the band’s logo a permanent part of their physical identity through the ancient art of tattoo. (Check out photos of these fan tattoos over in the band’s MySpace pics)

In an effort to better understand and document this phenomenon, we’ve decided to create a short video. So to that end, we’re asking anyone with said tattoo to do two things!
1) Please film your tattoo and talk about it and post it on youtube with the words “album leaf tattoo” in the title
2) Send us an email to with a link to the clip and this form filled in.

If your video gets used we’ll send you a signed copy of the new Album Leaf LP along with a poster, sticker, and some other cool as yet to be determined expressions of gratitude. Our deadline for this is February 2nd, which also happens to be the release date for their brand new album, A Chorus of Storytellers. So show us your tat and tell us your story. We’re dying to know!

Video Clearance Form:

Posted by Alissa Gallivan