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THU, MAR 5, 2009 at 5:52 AM

Master of the Art


Welcome to Don’t Touch My Marmalade, Vol 1, Number 2. The emergent theme this week is Woody Shaw. I didn’t mean for it to happen like that, but he’s an undeniable (some say under rated) talent and I’m under his spell lately. His two Elektra Musician records (Night Music and Master of the Art, both featuring Bobby Hutcherson) were reissued as CDs on Wounded Bird this month, so maybe that got me thinking about the man.

Some fun facts: He had a killer band in the 80s and never put out a bad record… I think? The twentieth anniversary of his passing is coming up in two months. That’s unfortunate & sad.

In other “little record reviews” news we have our own Dean Hudson and the BFLP doing a thing here or there. And of all the possible things in the world, Matt from Pissed Jeans has reviews and interviews going on on his site. There was one more thing but I don’t want to jeopardize an ongoing investigation. In other words, I forgot.

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  • ScoLoHoFo: Oh! 2002. John Scofield, Joe Lovano, Dave Holland, and Al Foster. Sco & Lo blend wonderfully. Fo is always phenomo. Sounds great, sharp playing. (For some reason I never thought I would like this but it’s fantastic.)
  • Dave Douglas Quintet: Live at Bimhuis. 2002. Greenleaf paperback series. This rules. 2 discs/sets. Great songs off The Infinite & then some. (Available from one of the coolest labels happening now, Greenleaf Music.)
  • Steve Turre: Rainbow People. 2008. Pretty killer. I see why it made lots of best of 2008 lists. Don’t forget: Steve Turre was in some of Woody Shaw’s best bands!
  • Horace Silver: Re-Entry. 1965/66. Thanks to a twitter pal for the recommendation. This rules! Joe Henderson on tenor sax & either Carmell Jones or Woody Shaw, trumpet.
  • Louis Hayes-Woody Shaw Quintet. Lausanne 1977. Smokin’.
  • Bobby Hutcherson: Live at Montreux. 1973. Where has this been all my life? Quintet with Woody Shaw (of course…). Seriously good. The ’70s Bobby.
  • Miles Davis: Miles Smiles. My favorite of the 2nd great quintet records. Always great. Weird to think what Coltrane was doing contemporaneously.
  • Lee Morgan: Live at the Lighthouse. 1970. The 3CD Blue Note version. Stellar. Bennie Maupin’s song “Peyote” is a favorite.

Posted by Stuart Fletcher

WED, FEB 25, 2009 at 10:25 AM

Red Red Meat: Live!


As we really hope you are already aware, we will be re-issuing Red Red Meat’s incredibly great 1995 album Bunny Gets Paid in a fancy, deluxed-up edition on March 24th. The original album has been re-mastered, there’s a 7-song 2nd disc of alternate, demo and single versions of album tracks, plus b-sides, covers and a previously unreleased song from the same era (“St. Anthony’s Jawbone”), all wrapped up in expanded and enhanced album art.

It’s pretty nice (and available for pre-order right now).

What you may not already be aware of, the thing that is providing me with an excuse to talk up the reissue here in a “news piece,” is that Red Red Meat is getting back together to play a handful of shows next month as well! They will be playing two shows at the Empty Bottle in Chicago, one on March 17th, the other on March 18th, AND they will be playing at the Sub Pop showcase at SxSW this year on March 19th! All of the confirmed Red Red Meat shows are, not at all coincidentally, up in our tour section right GD now.

If you’re able, you should really avail yourself of one of these rare opportunities to see Red Red Meat play. We convinced them to perform at our 20th anniversary festival last summer and can say with the somewhat smug confidence of recent, first-hand experience that it is highly likely you will have a very good time.

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THU, FEB 26, 2009 at 5:47 AM

Don’t Touch My Marmalade


I’m one of the two Stuarts who work at Sub Pop. Stuart Fletcher to be exact. A few months ago I started using twitter to make bite-sized reviews of music I’m listening to. Just for kicks, you know?

Also just for kicks, starting this week and (possibly?) continuing on a weekly basis I’m going to post a few reviews from the week’s listening here. We thought that’d be an all right idea.

I warn you reader! I am on a serious jazz listening kick right now and have been for months. The kick is serious, not the music. Not necessarily. But I also warn you! This kick won’t last forever. That’s a warning and a promise.

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Without further ado:

  • Henry Threadgill Sextett: Rag, Bush, & All. 1988. Typically wonderful. About what you’d expect. Arrangement-wise sometimes a whiff of Zappa?
  • Ornette Coleman: At the Golden Circle, Vol. 1. 1965. Unlike the Atlantic stuff. Differently great. Differently abled?
  • Charles Tolliver and Music Inc: The Ringer. 1969. No joke — incredible. A quartet with trumpet, drums, bass and piano is an intense proposition.
  • The Woody Shaw Concert Ensemble at the Berliner Jazztage. 1976. Band co-led by Woody Shaw and Louis Hayes. Super great sextet.
  • Eddie Marshall: Dance of the Sun. 1977. Bobby Hutcherson’s band of the time under the drummer’s leadership. Quintet (including Bobby Hutcherson). Outstanding.
  • Bobby Hutcherson: Cirrus. 1974. His supposedly lesser 1970s stuff. I don’t know who is supposing because this rules. Octet with Woody Shaw, Harold Land, Ray Drummond, etc.
  • Keith Jarrett: Nude Ants. 1979 Euro quartet. Bit too “music for a festival”/“theme from Taxi” (it’s the sax… sorta). No offense to Bob James.

Posted by Stuart Fletcher

FRI, JAN 9, 2009 at 7:14 AM

Fleet Foxes Perform on SNL January 17th


Fleet Foxes, everyone’s favorite of 2008, will be appearing on Saturday Night Live one week from tomorrow (that’s January 17th) and they’ll be playing “Mykonos” and “Blue Ridge Mountains”. This is HUGE! And we wish them the best of luck or to break a leg or whatever is appropriate in this situation. Rosario Dawson hosts, and hopefully Justin Timberlake will just show up like he’s been doing lately.

Posted by Lacey Swain

THU, OCT 1, 2009 at 6:12 AM

Approve Ref. 71!


Many of us at Sub Pop are hoping to preserve the domestic partnership law and are asking that you join us by approving Ref. 71. This is an equal rights issue and we need to make sure that we continue to take steps towards ensuring a high quality of life for everyone. As our head honcho Jonathan Poneman says, “All issues of human rights and human dignity need to be embraced and championed.” Please help us get the word out to approve ref. 71. Below is a note from our friend, Stuart Wilber:

On October 11th there is a march for equal rights in DC. This march has been poorly publicized, mainly because the local and national organizations like PFLAG, GLAAD, HRC and The Gay and Lesbian Task Force who have endorsed it have only paid lip service and have refused to publicize it, probably because they are afraid if people spend money going to DC they will not donate to their causes. John and I marched in ’93 and just the opposite occurred, we and others came back feeling empowered and energized.

I have been very active in promoting the national and local solidarity marches as well as Approve ref.71, a WA state ballot measure to take away the recent domestic partnership rights granted us by the WA legislators. Being 10 years older than John and 71, all other things being equal, I will pre-decease him. The financial consequences are enormous, social security benefits and taxes are among the significant ways in which we are discriminated against at the federal level. Many of the protections that ref.71 IF approved confer can be protected contractually; others cannot. That is why I am marching in DC.

I need your advice and your help. I need help publicizing the National March and the local march and I need ideas on how to get the word out nationally and locally. I know you must have friends across the country and the world (there are marches planned in Copenhagen and Canada) who could help promote this march. Won’t you please help me and use them as a way of publicizing the national march. I am so tired of being a second class citizen – call it marriage, call it a union, I don’t care what it is called as long as state-sanctioned relationships are called the same thing for and available for all our citizens.

So please help me publicize this march and won’t you grab a hundred of your closest friends and come to DC. If you can’t get to DC march locally. My mother fought for women’s rights in the ‘20s. Both my parents fought for civil rights for Afro-Americans in the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s. And I have marched for women’s and people’s of color and LGBT rights since the ’50s. Won’t you please march with me? —Stuart

You can march here in Seattle on October 11th. The march/rally will begin in Volunteer Park at 2:00pm. If you don’t live in Seattle, you can join the national march in Washington D.C. or you can possibly march in your local area. There are numerous events being set up in many different cities. Get out there and join us!

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FRI, FEB 6, 2009 at 4:58 AM

Blitzen Trapper T-Shirts


I’ve got an awesome idea! Why don’t you show everyone you see just how much you love Blitzen Trapper by purchasing a t-shirt and then wearing it? Well, if you choose to comply with my really great idea, we have two brand new designs to choose from.

A New Classic BT Logo
BT Bear

Posted by Sam Sawyer