MON, DEC 21, 2009 at 9:23 AM

Pre-order Beach House’s new CD/LP, Receive LTD ED Thing


January 26th is not only my little brother’s birthday, it’s also the release date for Teen Dream, the Sub Pop debut from Beach House. I’ll have two reasons to celebrate, you’ll probably have just the one. But seeing as Teen Dream is already being heralded one of the best records of 2010 (like here and here, for instance), what a celebration it will be! Both the CD and LP versions of Teen Dream come packaged with a DVD featuring a video for every song on the record. (The LP also comes with a download code for all of the songs on the album.) AND! Should you opt to pre-order the album from us, here at, you’ll also be getting a copy of a scrapbook that Beach House’s Victoria Legrand is putting together using scanned excerpts from the lyric book she used while writing Teen Dream! She’s making that just for us and we’re giving it just to you, either here at or through select independent record stores. She’s super sweet, you guys. So, between that, the amazing songs on the record, the DVD, the fact that you can stream the record after you place your pre-order, and a couple free stickers, you’ve got plenty of reasons to order.

Pre-order Teen Dream here

Download a track from the new record for free here

Posted by Sam Sawyer