THU, AUG 27, 2009 at 7:03 AM

Intern Blog: Social media is rockable in Sub Pop


Hi Sub Pop fans, here is another intern, Pei. My job in Sub Pop is all about online stuff. I’ve been on Twitter and Facebook for the whole summer and it’s show time to tell you how cool those things are.

Twitter: Sub Pop started it in 2006. Wow, do you know anything about Twitter in 2006? That’s how they gather so many followers by using it very early. People just found Sub Pop on Twitter by themselves and 19 thousands of people are following it now. Good things about Twitter are: it’s easy to update, easy to engage in conversations and people who follow Sub Pop are real fans. They’re happy to spread messages about their favorite bands. However, the challenging part is that messages are overlapped easily by other latest messages on the front page. So please kindly check back with Sub Pop and read those messages. Running by my supervisors, Dean and Alissa, our Twitter is the best and instant way to see what’s happening in Sub Pop. Information for live shows, new release, sales and of course, free giveaways, is available from those tweets. Then you can also talk to Sub Pop with a simple @subpop in the beginning of your tweet. Have you followed Sub Pop yet? Try it here.

Facebook fan page: There are several groups and fan pages for Sub Pop already. Thanks for your love and support shown on Facebook. However, Sub Pop has an official fan page since last fall. This is a place to meet other Sub Pop fans, watch videos and amazing photos from bands. People on Sub Pop fan page really like some dumb things happened in the office. EX, a photo of funny note or someone’s dancing. Interested in? Be a fan on Facebook here.

Blog: I’ll be never tired of reading this blog. Contributed by all staff in the office, the blog provides latest special offer, news from bands and what’s happening in the office. You’ll find lots of interesting readings by keeping following the blog. Of course you can share those posts on Twitter and Facebook. Just click those small icons on the button of each post and you’ll be able to forward it on your profile page. Now I’m going to do so to show my blog post to my Facebook friends.

Dean said music itself is a social media. He expects to see those online tools deliver music more quickly to Sub Pop music fans. Then music fans spread the words about their favorite music with their network. In the future, an ideal social media scene is that people will use social media without a computer. People can just share and talk during concerts or wherever. Engaging with music, bands and other fans will be totally a part of our life.

For music fans, if the Internet brings you too many bands and you have no idea which one to listen to, please follow Sub Pop continuously. You know, they always have great music to show you.

Posted by Pei-Chieh Chen