THU, AUG 13, 2009 at 10:11 AM

No, Karma You


Earlier this week, Matador Records co-owner Gerard Cosloy’s home in Austin burned completely to the ground. We’re fans of an awful lot of Matador bands and records and people, and long-time fans of Gerard’s writing, including what he describes as his “good old fashioned ribbing” of Victory Records head-motherfucking-honcho Tony something or other on the Matablog.

It’s worth repeating: Cosloy’s house and all (or maybe just most) of his belongings were very recently destroyed in a fire.

This is plainly just fucking awful and we’re very sorry for his loss.

All of this has been covered, posted and otherwise disseminated in a more timely fashion by people (sometimes actual professional writers) at far more widely-read sites and publications. What’s really worth telling you guys about here and now is this.

In this post on the aforementioned Matablog, Cosloy shares a recent un-fucking-believable email he received from the also aforementioned dude who runs Victory Records (to be fair, it could be from someone pretending to be the dude who runs Victory Records, though why anyone would do that, we can’t fathom). In its entirety, it reads: “KARMA” (there’s also a little picture of what appears to be a couple of bulldogs in flagrante, but we’re not sure what that’s all about).

But, seriously? “KARMA”?

You, sir, are an asshole.

Here it is again: the world’s worst sympathy card.

Posted by Chris Jacobs