WED, AUG 5, 2009 at 3:19 AM

You can now hear the No Age Losing Feeling EP for free! You can also buy it for $8!


Hear a full stream of the new No Age EP Losing Feeling here at now!

Here is the Losing Feeling stream!

Losing Feeling is a new 4-song EP from our Southern Californian friends No Age. All four songs were written in the band’s practice space. “Genie” was even recorded there; the other three were recorded at Infrasonic Sound. All of it took place in Los Angeles. The Losing Feeling EP will be available on October 6, 2009 as a 12" vinyl EP and as magical, invisible, digital files, but not as a compact disc. And, because we are forever trying to engage the future in a clumsy, overly familiar embrace, we are right now offering users of the Sub Pop website (conveniently located at access to a free stream of the full EP. We’re also doing this because we like you guys, and we really like No Age and this new EP of theirs. So, right g-d now, you can go here and, for free, listen to all of Losing Feeling! You may also, right now, pre-order the 12-inch vinyl version of Losing Feeling for the incredibly reasonable price of $8. We strongly encourage you to do so. On October 6th, this price will go up to a still very reasonable $10 and the mp3s will be available for $4.

You will, it is worth mentioning, need to log in to the Sub Pop website to access this stream of Losing Feeling. Please do not complain about this. It is very easy and takes no time at all—all that’s required is a name and email address. And then, if you’re willing, we will very, very occasionally (we too are busy people with lives of our own to live) send you new news about No Age.

No Age’s Losing Feeling EP comes out October 6th but you can hear it now and pre-order a copy on vinyl for $8!

Posted by Chris Jacobs