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News from 6/2009

FRI, JUN 19, 2009 at 4:05 AM

New Tiny Vipers July 7th! Bonus CD with Pre-order!


After a couple months of reissues and ultra-deluxely packaged b-side comps (see: Iron & Wine and The Vaselines), Tiny Vipers brings us our first new full-length release of the summer. Life on Earth, Tiny Vipers’ second album is available on CD and MP3 July 7th, and as per usual, we’re going to sweeten the metaphorical pot with some proverbial sugar. If you pre-order Life on Earth from us at anytime before July 7th, you’ll also receive a truly limited Tiny Vipers home-recorded ambient piece on CDR called Blades of Grass. This Blades of Grass CDR is only available only to online pre-orderers only! So become one of those pre-orderers! By pre-orderering! To show you we aren’t fooling around with this incentivizing business, we’ll also throw in a button and a couple stickers.

Pre-order Life on Earth here.

Download “Dreamer” from Life on Earth here.

Posted by Sam Sawyer

MON, JUN 22, 2009 at 6:44 AM

Oxford Collapse Say Goodbye


It’s with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to Oxford Collapse. The band has announced that their last two shows will be July 17 and 18 in Hoboken and NYC respectively. After releasing two albums on Kanine (Some WIlderness in 2004 and A Good Ground in 2005), the boys from Brooklyn released their first album on Sub Pop, Remember The Night Parties, in 2006 and followed it up in 2008 with Bits. I will particularly miss their fondness for road food (especially hot wings) and their tendency to only refer to each other as “asshole” on stage. Thanks for the good times, boyz.

Official band statement:

Hej friends,
After eight years, 450 shows, and four albums, we’ve decided that we’ve reached the end of the line. To paraphrase the Grateful Dead, “what a long, strange, eye-opening, stomach-bursting, heart-breaking, bittersweet, educational, enlightening, mind-numbing, ‘why-are-we-doing-this-shit?’ / ‘who-gets-to-do-this-shit?,’ absurd, amazing trip it’s been.” To paraphrase another sage poet, “you gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.”

Thanks go out to a million friends—all the awesome, talented people who helped us make records and put them out, everyone who put together tours for us, our families (who are still wondering when we will get real jobs), all the other wonderful and terrible bands we’ve loved touring, playing, hanging and eating with over the years. And of course a heartfelt thanks to everyone who ever came to see us play, bought something we were selling, said something nice, or let us sleep on their diarrhea-encrusted floors. (Except you, Branson, Missouri!)

To have one final go of it, the three of us are meeting up for a pair of shows in and around the city we called home in our time. Come out and party with us! Seriously, do not miss!!! Friday July 17th we are very psyched to be playing with old and dear friends Frightened Rabbit at Maxwell’s, and Saturday July 18th, for our last show ever, we’ll share the stage with best buds CaUSE Co-MOTION!, under-age phenoms The Beets, and our beloved Rape Excape, freshly reformed from the rubble of Princeton ’04; plus a bunch of special guests! If you missed the original Last Waltz in ’76, now’s your chance!

Friday, July 17th
Maxwell’s (early show) (SOLD OUT)
Hoboken, NJ
w/Frightened Rabbit

Saturday, July 18th
Under the Tracks
508 W. 25th Street
New York, NY
w/CaUSE co-MOTION!, The Beets, Rape Excape
Starts at 9pm, won’t cost too much
(Don’t worry about advance tix—this place is huge!)

Posted by Susan Busch

TUE, JUN 23, 2009 at 9:41 AM

Vera Project Spring Fund Drive


Wondering how one of Sub Pop’s favorite non-profits, the Vera Project, has been holding up? Well, despite the dreary economy, swine flu and all the other downers out there today, the Vera Project is thriving with amazing shows including a solo show by none other than Robin Pecknold of that one band, what are they called…Fleet Foxes, as part of the annual A Drink for the Kids fundraiser! Last year alone over 37,000 people came through Vera’s doors, and over 1,000 people volunteered and took classes at Vera. Vera exists because of the people who support it, be they volunteers, contributing artists or donors. Music and art help all of us get through doldrums, economic or otherwise, and Vera continues to keep music and art accessible and affordable to people of all ages in the city of Seattle.

Nonetheless, Vera is seeing the effects of the weak economy. Vera relies on donations from individuals, businesses and private foundations for over 63% of our annual income. With foundation and corporate giving down due to a hurting stock market and rough economy, Vera needs your support right now.

You can be part of the Vera Project’s 2009 Spring Fund Drive! This month we are asking you, as true and sincere friends of all-ages music and youth-driven art, to help raise $20,000 for Vera. To countless people in the Seattle area Vera is a stable place for awesome all-ages shows, a place to meet friends and like-minded artists, a place to learn skills in music and arts production and a place to launch careers in the music, arts and non-profit industries. By supporting Vera you will help keep Seattle’s music and arts community strong and contribute to the lives of tens of thousands of young people. Please donate now!

Posted by Kate Jackson

WED, JUN 17, 2009 at 4:41 AM

Sub Pop on Jeopardy!


Last night Hardly Art General Employee Nick “My Big Fat Greek” Heliotis was sitting around the fire with his mom and grandmamma watching Jeopardy!, discussing the origins of democracy and butt sex just like they always do, when Nick nearly choked on his baklava. That’s right—the $1,000 answer was this: This Seattle label, the first to release Nirvana & Soundgarden albums, turned 20 in 2008. … Crickets. NO ONE got the question! Host Mark E. Trebek was obliged to answer with, “What is Sub-uh Pop-uh Records-uh” (Finally, definitive proof that absolutely everyone likes The Fall?). COME ON, MOTHERFUCKERS! We need to get more Jeopardy fans signed up for our Twitter feed, I guess.

No one answered the Atlantic and/or Capitol ones correctly, either, so we’re not really sweatin’ it. Other labels mentioned include Apple and Motown, and as our own Andy Kotowicz says, that’s pretty good fucking company to be in.

Posted by Lacey Swain

THU, JUN 11, 2009 at 10:31 AM



Fleet Foxes were up against some stiff competition (LEONARD COHEN!, Seasick Steve, RADIOHEAD!, and PAUL WELLER!) for the MOJO awards Best Live Act category, and lo and behold they’ve won! According to a Reuter’s article, the organizers of the MOJO awards called Fleet Foxes “one of the greatest live bands in the world.” Woah. If that’s not crazy enough, check out this photo of Robin Pecknold sandwiched between photos of YOKO ONO and Billy Gibbons of ZZ TOP. Congrats boys!

Posted by Sasha Morgan

TUE, JUN 9, 2009 at 6:05 AM

Sub Pop T-Shirt Sale #1 (implying future t-shirt sales)


Recently, I was at a high-end boutique where I saw a plain white shirt with a bunch of holes in it for $260 (not a lie made up for the sake of this posting). What a crazy and very fashionable world we live in! In protest of high fashion and what I would consider high prices, for the next two days, we’re having the first of future limited-time t-shirt sales. We’ve selected a few favorites among our collection and priced them at a mere $10. This low-price, low-fashion sale goes through Thursday, so I would suggest not delaying, just a thought.

Sick to Death of LOW here
Helio Sequence here
Spanning the Globe for Profit here
Flight of the Conchords right here

Posted by Sam Sawyer